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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Dragonfly

The elite set, too sophisticated for flashy bars and overpriced discos, flock to the cool substance of this cocktail bar. Nowhere else in Edinburgh quite matches the minimalist aesthetic and exotic elegance imparted by silk wall hangings, marble busts, and Oriental artwork. Chandeliers hang over the glistening hall, never bright enough to disrupt the lush intimacy. Guests come to be seen at the angular black marble bar and discuss weighty matters over Guinness daiquiris and A Half an' A Hoof. Bartenders versed in classic cocktails and inventive house recipes mix up concoctions as smooth or jagged as a patron can wish, and servers graciously deliver potions that hold time at bay.

Understated debauchery pairs with decadence to create the atmosphere of a posh urban retreat. Leather loveseats gather in clusters on the bottom floor, while the upper mezzanine provides an open dance floor when DJs spin selective jazz and soul-inspired tracks on weekends. Smaller private rooms for let are the den you wish you had. Dragonfly is an extravagant art gallery decorated with indoor palms and art deco prints of tennis players in one Gilded Era room, another sporting a minimal Japanese watercolour of a peasant woman in the rain over low couches.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: C5
Concept: Cocktail Bar
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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