Edenhall Casino

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Edenhall Casino

Edenhall Casino wears a veneer of respectability as thin as the performers' costumes. Floodlights sweep over pillars and arches emulating Victorian architecture, and plush sapphire carpets on travertine tile direct visitors into a series of opulent salons perfumed by traces of smoke, glitz, and desperation. By far the largest, the cards salon evokes a gentleman's club. Wood-clad arches loom over the green-felted tables and horsehair chairs where poker and blackjack are the games of choice. Shameless displays of wealth are reserved for private rooms used by Players Club members for watching football and cricket matches and high-stakes games. Polished tables and stocked bars cast a spell on the opulent atmosphere.

Stairwells separate the favoured guests from the unfortunate masses downstairs. Flashing neon lights transform the ground level slots lounge into an adult version of morning cartoons. Garish terminals chime and flash brightly to lure guests to try their fortune in Egypt, medieval kingdoms, and the Orient. Cushioned stools surround electronic roulette tables manned by glitzy digital women cooing preprogrammed encouragement. Weary seniors waste hours in front of the Eden Theatre, a dimly lit studio where dancers and singers provide entertainment 24/7, sucked dry of spirit by corporate masters just like the gambling puppets.


Zone: East
Grid: I5
Concept: Casino
Resources: 2
Security: 4

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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