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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Edinburgh Castle

The storied fortress of Dun Edin crowning the black volcanic plug of Castle Rock broods over Edinburgh, a silent guardian ringed by thick defensive walls and sheer cliffs. Its history as a royal residence, military garrison, powder store, and The Royal Mile traces up the cobblestones to the forbidding gates and the large esplanade where temporary bleachers are erected during the Military Tattoo and other major events. Tourists choke the steep cobblestoned route hooking around from the gatehouse to the Middle Ward. Massive walls and gates shade strips of turf attempting to soften the harsh strategic protections. Ornate barracks, batteries, and the Governor’s House fill out the second tier below Crown Square, the heart of the Scottish court and seat of power.

History oozes from worn stones of the Upper Ward. St Margaret’s Chapel is a modest sanctuary overwhelmed by Half Moon Battery and Palace Block. Mons Meg, a defunct bombard, sounds the hour to delighted crowds at 1300 daily. The restored Great Hall displays weaponry and unicorn tapestries under an impressive original hammberbeam roof on the south side, opulent wooden floors and painted windows inlaid with heraldic devices capturing an echo of royal might. The Stuarts’ Royal Palace anchoring the eastern court is a cold, stony treasury for the Scottish Honours. Interconnected apartments furnished in 16th century style house intricate plasterwork and the guarded treasury. Diamond encrusted brooches, the sword of state, and royal crown glitter behind bulletproof glass alongside the Stone of Scone.

Edinburgh Castle.jpg

Zone: Old Town
Grid: DT B4
Resources: 3
Security: 5

Businesses: Chapel
National War Memorial
Affiliations: None

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