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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Edinburgh Zoo

Multiple exhibits sprawl over sloping 82 acres on Corstorphine Hill, blessed with remarkable views of the city and countryside. The open design, remarkable for the 1913 founding, allows animals to dwell in natural habitat rather than behind steel bars. Expansive gardens preserve one of the largest arboretums in the UK. Long paved trails lined by fruit trees ascend the hillside through four distinct biomes, beginning in the ocean and wetlands areas populated by sea lions, flamingos, polar bears, and the beloved Penguin’s Rock. King and rockhoppers stroll around their lawn in a daily parade attracting huge crowds.

Large paddocks imitate African savannah and Asian grasslands for a variety of wild dogs, zebras, and endangered rhinos often spotted among the swaying grasses. Research and breeding facilities blend seamlessly among the natural habitats. Budongo Trail, a state-of-the-art chimpanzee enclosure, has viewing galleries over biologists and scientists in action. Brilliant birds of prey, rare reptiles, and amphibians are living jewels in the woodlands and tropical rainforest areas, separated by the picturesque Penguin Cafe and a visitor’s center. Long queues form to see the paired giant pandas loaned from China until 2021, docile giants often slumbering in their bamboo groves; koala bears; and feeding time for the tigers.


Zone: North
Grid: C5
Concept: Zoo
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City

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