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Concept: The Enlightened Everyman
Apparent Age: 40
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Greed

Order: Lumen Society
Path: Mastigos
Legacy: --
Status: Fellow (Londinium)
Cabal: Abolished
Apprentice: Mariner

The Electrician

Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity.

-- Karl Marx


The Electrician has been a divisive figure in the Londinium ever since his first appearance. In a place where the web of intrigue, deceit and political gamesmanship ran rampant, this unassuming warlock cut through this social morass like a hot knife through butter with a simple ethos of working hard and never resting on his laurels. He developed and discovered new methods of performing magic tirelessly, helping bolster a flagging Lorehouse to overflowing. Through his ceaseless output with no mind to personal gain, he began to accrue power and clout that raised the brows of many well established mages in the Londinium. His radically Lumen Society agenda - to allow anyone access to the Mysteries if they asked, and sometimes even if they hadn't - wore the patience of other cabals thin. Many flocked to him and his cabal Tomorrow's Works Today, others got clear of the blast area.

Almost like clockwork, The Electrician's progress ground to a halt. He became embroiled in a political scandal that was very heated in the courts of his Consilium, but the details of what went on in this trial are scant, as a very specific gag order was placed on any involved in the proceedings. His student, The Mariner was caught up in the furor as well. While the details were not divulged, an agreement was reached, necessitating the dissolution of his cabal, and the expedition of his apprentice to Edinburgh. The balance of power in aftermath remains unclear to many, including those from the Londinium. The Electrician pursues his agenda without an official cabal for the time begin (and thus without official clout), yet his grand scientific and engineering works and innovations continue unabated, the significance of which worries many.


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