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Epikoros Headshot.jpg

Apparent Age: Forties
Occupation: Therapist
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Pride

Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Mastigos
Cabal: The Long Game
Legacy: None
Status: Doctor of Psychology ●●●
Status: Silver Ladder ●
Origins: Londinium

Notable Attribute: Intelligence
Notable Ability: Empathy
Notable Ability: Academics


"It is possible to provide security against other ills, but as far as death is concerned, we live in a city without walls."


"And these are the ones who do not have a portion in the world to come: He who maintains that there is no resurrection of the dead..., and an Epikoros."

—Mishnah, Seder Nezikin, tractate Sanhedrin, 90a

  A clean-cut academic who had his life all figured out. Then he Awakened, discovered the depths of his ignorance, and blundered into tragedy. Now trying to figure things out all over again. He works as a therapist, helping Sleepers and Mages alike cope with their mental traumas. In his off hours, he bends his psychologist's training and his knowledge of the Mysteries toward a study of dreams.


  • Therapy - Need a psychologist you can explain your magic-related problems to? Know someone who needs a referral? Currently accepting new patients. Strict confidentiality policy, payment negotiable for Awakened matters.
  • Dreams - Got questions or information concerning dreams? Had a strange dream you need to talk to someone about? Need a hand with an Astral travel project? Help Epikoros pursue this academic interest.
  • Spirits - Epikoros is currently looking for someone knowledgeable to talk with about the ways of spirits, the Spirit Arcanum, and how ideas affect the spiritual landscape.
  • Philosophy - Epikoros has an academic interest in just about everything, and is happy to meet with interesting people for a cup of tea and a good, deep conversation.
  • Humanitarianism - Got a project that would help ease the suffering of others? This mage is a sucker for a sob story.
  • Unity - Epikoros is looking for ways to build bonds of friendship and cooperation within the Awakened community.

  Epikoros is a small, well-ordered man who looks to be in his 40s. In sweater, blazer, and too-old-to-be-fashionable spectacles, he appears every inch the dusty academic or meticulous shrink-- both of which he is. He is attentive, listening closely when others are speaking, eyes taking in the room when they are not. He moves deliberately and pauses before speaking, choosing words or actions with care, cultivating an air of nonthreatening, respectable approachability. He is calm, direct, and forthright; his bearing and demeanor display clear pride and sense of purpose.


  • Cairn, cabalmate, who he considers reliable, respectable, and forthright.
  • Keating, cabalmate, who is intelligent, trustworthy, and a genuinely good person.
  • Nyx, mentor, whose reputation may be doing him more harm than good.
  • Lacrosse, Epikoros's first friend in the city.
  • Dextra, who is everybody's contact.
  • Mat, with whom Epikoros would probably have a lot to discuss.
  • Abbigail, an individual clearly possessed of unusual strengths.
  • Morag, the effects of whose powerful extroversion upon willworking must be fascinating.
  • Mariner, who Epikoros considers a very unusual Mastigos.


  • that Epikoros Awakened much later in life than most mages.
  • that he left London as soon as possible after his most basic apprenticeship was completed.
  • that something terrible happened to his wife shortly after his Awakening, which is why he left for Edinburgh alone.
  • that Epikoros works out special deals with mages who want therapy, offering them counseling without charging money.



  • Captain, King, Leader. I'll follow him quietly, but he knows I'll be there. - Cairn
  • I hold your humility in high esteem. It is an affectation that as a Mastigos, I am forced to admire the seamlessness of. - Mariner
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