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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Fabhatrix

Hats -- glorious and gaudy, flamboyant and posh -- rule the day in the Old Town institution devoted to all elements of couture millinery. Stovepipes and porkpies fail to scratch the surface, though an assortment of each in luxe fabrics and eye-popping patterns form a mainstay of the men's section. Disembodied mannequin heads and metal trees support a dizzying choice of the hat-making craft at its finest, mixing classics like Harris tweeds with silkscreened chiffons and bird of paradise feathers. Fat, rolled brims beg to be touched, stodgy bowlers paired with goggles to be donned, and sweeping tricorns modernized for the 21st-century man cocked.

The resident designer's tastes find highest expression in the women's section. Cloche bonnets and tidy knits play to practical sentiments of the Scottish winter, smart and attractive instead of a Christmas accident. Black woven saucers or a felt pillbox for the sophisticate adorn high shelves, while celestial wire contraptions and chunky beanies adorned in pompoms are for the masses. Women's fascinators defy easy description: a bewildering variety of gems, mesh, feathers, and adornments in every conceivable shape have exploded from a fashion maniac's treasure chest. Tall mirrors everywhere allow appreciation from every angle, including the ceiling.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: C5
Concept: Milliner
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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