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Oculus Ex Inferni By Symphony X
Hall of the Mountain King by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix


Shadowname:  Flint
Player:  Clef
Apparent Age:  Twenty-Something
Height:  6'2"
Weight:  197 lbs
Virtue:  It'll all work out.
Vice:  ... Well, just one more.
Profession:  Adjunct Professor of Math
Relationship:  Taken AND Gay. Sorry ladies.
Path:  Moros
Order:  Invisible College
Cabal:  Looking to join!
Order Status:  Neokoros
Consilium Status:  Leigeman

Arcanum:  Death
Public Effects:  Speaks Latin

Ship's Ledger

I Don't Speak Mush!

Crew Manifest


Eat healthy, exercise, live long.
 ~ Thyrsus

Eat healthy, exercise, die anyway.
 ~ Moros



There IS a Reset Button 
Flint and Winston have moved to Edinburgh to restart their lives. Win isn't quite sure why yet, but the two can be found exploring the town, finding those niche farmer's markets, coffee houses, places of interest, and possibly crossing into territories on accident. Did you run into them on the street? Challenge him to a Duel?
...And You Said You're a Columbine? Really? 
Flint has been tasked with making sure the College's reputation is ...improved upon, especially at Edinburgh. His shockingly easy-going nature makes him one of the only non-recluse Columbines and therefore the best candidate to be the more co-operative face of the College. Even still, you never get something for nothing.
You Want to See the What? 
In his research on charting the changes in Awakenings and Magic and Magical phenomena, Flint puts in some unusual requests to the Consilium for a lot of things. Registries, records of incidences, and other data which might be considered highly sensitive and only be perused at great cost. His standing is only so high, being new, and all access granted must come with a pricetag.
Scatter-plotting the Quantitative Variables... 
Flint is a math geek. He teaches math and statistics as an adjunct professor at the University of Edinburgh. He will gladly sit and talk trends, statistics, and mathematics with anyone that strikes up a conversation with him.
Lost in the Woods 
Flint, as much as he seems like a city-boy, enjoys the wilderness. Camping, hiking, running, boating, and other out-of-doors activities seem to take up his extra time. Only sometimes, Winston will suffer the indignities of primitive life and come with him on rare, rare occasions.
Winston writes literary reviews.

Flint comes across as an easy-going, happy man. Somewhat odd for a Moros, but when asked he says, "Life is too short to be miserable." He dresses for the occasion, but is commonly found in slacks, a fitted dress-shirt, vest or sweater, and comfortable, functional boots. When the warm weather hits, it's obvious he spends time working out and exercising. He doesn't dress extravagantly unless the situation calls for it, definitely working-class. Flint can often be seen walking around town with Winston St. Clair. In contrast to Flint, Winston is posh, expensively dressed, and always in the latest fashion.


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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."

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