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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: The Foundry

The Foundry occupies a repurposed Victorian farrier shop isolated by a service alley and narrow access lane from its fellow buildings. Scottish traditions of the Industrial Revolution survive into the present day, albeit much reduced in scope. Vestiges of its former life survive through high ceilings, naked brick walls, and iron pipes hanging overhead to funnel smoke and deliver water. Industrial fans drone in gaping arch windows high above the ground, lamely trying to reduce the stifling heat. Below catwalks spanning the circumference of the building, a ghoulish legend plucked from Greek or Celtic for the industrial age plays out. Workshops dominate the open floor, tied together by umbilical railway tracks that shuttle raw ores and supplies between the stations for casting, shaping, and finishing. Sweating men feed fuel and metal into huge, glowing ovens like monsters out of mythology. Hammer blows and hissing steam echo discordantly through the gaping halls of the iron kings.

Labouring artisans produce a whole range of products in steel, iron, and stone for commercial and government authorities. Metal bars become railings, gates and architectural steelwork, and brute force produces ornamental ironwork, staircases, and bespoke fencing for fancy homes in New Town. Much like their forebears a century ago, the crafters mix artistic ingenuity and sheer strength to produce wonders. Finished goods end up stored in massive pallets on racks at the back of the warehouse, moved by forklift onto awaiting trucks.


Zone: East
Grid: G6
Concept: Ironworks
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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