Fraser & Lonsdale Antiquities

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Fraser & Lonsdale Antiquities

Gilt lettering on a black sign announces the distinguished atmosphere found within a dim, spotless shop before patrons step inside. Sophisticated lines and modern European furniture puncture all illusions of a dusty antiques shop stuffed to the brim with teetering tea sets, and pricey knickknacks from Mum’s attic. No current stock is on display. Squarish leather seats occupy the foyer, decorated by an abstract print and a stylized granite sculpture balanced on an end table. Slatted blinds blunt daylight filtering through multi-paned windows, leaving the work to recessed lights capable of rotating to spotlight the wall or presentation niches. Framed certifications are inconspicuously lodged behind a secretary’s desk swept clean of any excess but for a leather blotter and swish tablet and monitor. A presentation room for the most valued clients resembles a boardroom, complete with laptops, digital whiteboards, and hookups.

Another climate-controlled world ruled by meticulous restoration and investigation exists behind a pair of polished walnut doors. Few visitors see the inner sanctum, a broad space divided into surgically sterile workrooms outfitted with all the tools of the trade, like light tables and easels. Treasured crystal, glassware, and metals are kept separate from furniture or fine art, all of them secure under lock and key. Cedar wall panelling and floors melt into a delicious glow under warmer golden light, grey shag carpeting adding a touch of restrained opulence.


Zone: Leith
Grid: E3
Concept: Antique dealers
Resources: 4
Security: 4

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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