Galerie Mirage

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Galerie Mirage

Adventurous explorers are rewarded for their efforts to find the gorgeous, hidden gallery with an Aladdin’s cave of internationally-sourced, sparkly jewelry. The array of silver, ethnic, beaded and gem-studded pieces is sumptuously displayed in tall glass cases and wrapped around luxurious dyed scarves, spread upon antique Thai platters and festooning metal trellises. Few pieces are identical though they carry the same diverse vibes. Continents receive equal lavish attention: wood necklaces in dramatic colours whisper of the African savannah, lush Brazilians bracelets pile on carnelians, and delicate Indian silverwork all but dances at a glimpse. Antique furniture serve as displays, oases to relax, and the cash register, while the woven Honduran and Persian rugs speak of world travels across the globe.

The Galerie features superlative international designers in pocket collections that rotate through the seasons. A forest of Polish silver and amber would shame a princess, extraordinary designs sculpted from metal into fanciful arrangements. The house’s on-site jewelers display their individual creations on bongo drums and Japanese lacquerware pots or whatever ethnic knick-knack is at hand. A selection of Ethiopian and herbal teas brews throughout the day, hidden away behind the profusion of glittering treasures and handicrafts.


Zone: Central
Grid: D4
Concept: Jeweler
Resources: 3
Security: 4

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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