Gilmerton Cove

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Gilmerton Cove

Underground chambers and tunnels hand-carved beneath the mining town of Gilmerton have long steeped in local lore, variously connected to the Templars, Covenanters, smugglers, and worse. Said to be the work of the village blacksmith, Gilmerton Cove’s real purpose remains an archaeological enigma. A forty foot long passage dead ends at a filled-in tunnel, branching off along the way into three “bedrooms” and four chambers variously assigned as sitting rooms, feast halls, and ritual spaces. Complex handiwork fashioned rock hewn shelves and platforms from sandstone bedrock, the furniture worn smooth by use. All other remnants are long gone, swept clean down to the stone scaffolding. Wax candles piled up for tourists easily conjures images of aristocrats in a debauched gentlemen’s club involved in debased religious practices.

Peculiar features muddle what purpose this subterranean labyrinth served. Skylights knocked through the cavern ceiling provide natural illumination and fresh air, and a natural pipe feeds into a shallow niche hosting a forge. Pipe holes pierced into rock feed to the punch bowl carved into a stone table adorns the curving Seated Chamber. Wooden doors once hung in archways, removed now for tourists to scrabble over hard-packed dirt floors. Chipped stone falls completely block up two passages leading into the unknown beyond.


Zone: Southside
Grid: G7
Concept: Hellfire Club
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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