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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Granton


Economic progress has passed the blighted harbour town of Granton by, taking jobs and beauty to points far away. Industrialization spurred the harbour's development, overseen by famed engineer Robert Stevenson. Docks and warehouses fueling the Industrial Revolution exported coal, fine stone, fish, and British iron across the world; today, few vestiges of prosperity remain. Ramshackle houses fringe crooked streets angling down to the shore where empty dockyards sink into the poisoned sea. Incomplete buildings stand partially entombed in sagging scaffolding as bleak heralds to redevelopment plans consigned to the dust bin by corruption and bureaucratic incompetence. Ferry terminals and wharves host few boats except a skeletal fishing fleet. Once a hive of activity that built Trafalgar Square and Holyrood Palace, the abandoned Granton quarry tells the declined fortunes of its namesake town, doomed to be overshadows and forgotten.

Rot spreads inwards from the ring of rusting warehouses and collapsed factories half-heartedly enclosed in steel fences, as if to keep the creeping despair at bay. Potholed roles wind past industrial campuses occupied by lonely signs and long, empty drives, the buildings smeared in generations of rust and graffiti. Mixed residential and commercial properties suffer the decline as gracefully as they can, small gardens and litter collecting campaigns waging a losing battle. Demolition carves out vacant land for weedy meadows and atolls of unrecognizable rusting structures. A skeletal blue gasometer stands on the polluted shoreline, once a landmark of prosperity, today a sign of rampant neglect.


Zone: Leith
Grid: E2
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Businesses: Renegade Auto
Affiliations: None

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