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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Grassmarket

Decidedly Victorian architecture characterizes Grassmarket, a hollow carved out beneath the lofty heights of the Royal Mile. Only some buildings disrupt the harmonic unity of the area with more modern designs. Stonework and gables differentiate the hodgepodge of tenements huddling together like orphans out of Oliver Twist. Pointed roofs, soaring steeples and varying hues create a dynamic mishmash that somehow achieves a pleasing harmony to the eye.

The vibrancy of student life breathes new life the old livestock markets and hanging grounds. Pubs, clubs, and independent retail shops crowd together to earn their catch of the almighty tourist dollar. Expanded terraces stretch out onto widened sidewalks, leaving cafes more outside than in. Two four-star Apex hotels are a lopsided attempt to raise Grassmarket's profile, but a host of backpackers hostels ensures the party atmosphere roars well past the witching hour. Few places are more popular than Maggie Dickson's Pub, named after a minor historical celebrity. Sentenced to hanging without the caveat of 'until dead,' Half-Hangit Maggie survived and went free. A raised stone platform marks where the gallows once stood.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: DT C5
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Businesses: Dragonfly
Greyfriars Kirk
Knight Residences
Affiliations: None

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