Greyfriars Kirk

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Greyfriars Kirk

Grim wrought iron gates enclose the kirkyard of Greyfriars, better known as the site of the infamous Covenanters' Prison where over a thousand dissenters were imprisoned in 1679. Sorrow reaps a heavy toll over the solemn grounds swallowed up by Old Town and prestigious George Heriot School. More than 150,000 of Edinburgh's dead are interred under soft turf, at times more than the living population, piled into mass graves and coffins atop one another. Bones leech down the slopes during heavy rains, and a thin layer of turf separates visitors from bodies. The city's brutal, terrifying history of grisly deaths, torture, witch-burnings, and bodysnatchers is etched into ancient headstones lurching above green mounds. Glorious monuments to famed poets and forgotten soldiers, politicians and loyal Greyfriars Bobby crowd wherever free space is to be had.

Granite and marble mausoleums for Edinburgh's luminaries line the ancient Flodden Wall. Iron cages locked around the 17th and 18th century stones to deter long-ago tomb robbed today make picturesque backdrops or perches for ravens. Ghost tours and guided walks carve a neat trail to the Black Mausoleum where George "Bloody" Mackenzie's poltergeist attacks visitors on the very grounds where he condemned so many innocent Covenanters to death. The gates are locked after dark and the grounds patrolled by lonely watchmen.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: C5
Concept: Haunted cemetery
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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