Grosvenor Tower

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Grosvenor Tower

Clean lines and open spaces leave a contemporary stamp on this large office tower. A place of business and commerces, it shuns unnecessary excesses for security and cleanliness. Visitors ushered through the glass doors pass a large security desk manned by uniformed staff, and unobstructed sight lines run all the way to the canteen deli and a row of businesses at the back of the space. A modest gym, coffee bar, a florist, and a drycleaners round out the offerings between vacant spaces for let.

Fifteen foot high glass windows allow light to naturally brighten the lobby, and potted palms soften the rigid inorganic surroundings under nodding green fronds. Padded rugs in unobtrusive geometric designs cover the slate tiles around seating areas set with loveseats and sofas down the back and side wall. A bank of steel-faced elevators occupies the central square, luring in a constant stream of foot traffic.


Zone: Central
Grid: E5
Concept: Office tower
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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