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Date of Birth: Unknown
Apparent Age: 40s
Occupation: Trouble
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Wrath

Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Mastigos
Cabal: The Broken Bough
Legacy: Unknown
Status: Member
Origins: Anglesey


I am not bound to please thee with my answer.

-- Shakespeare

  A figure of rampant speculation among Anglesey's mages, Gwydion does not help himself by remaining aloof from the general affairs of the Dark Isle to such an extent he is doubted to exist. Dubious repute and bleak legend ride in the tattered coat-tails of his name, one invoked by curious students and hushed up by their wiser elders. So the stories go, depending on who you believe, he fell in league with demons and the Guardians' iron fist holds his leash for some unseen purpose. Or he fell under an ancient curse protecting Mona's sacred grounds when the first generation of Awakened reclaimed the fallen Consilium. The wilder tales would have the Wise believe Gwydion discovered the secret of longevity -- even immortality -- and has watched over Britain these centuries past.

  The Silver Ladder uses the warlock as an object lesson for young mages about the perils of falling from the path of Wisdom, and how not to behave. He presumably undertakes the dark, dreadful sort of tasks that are the province of MI-11. Without question, he performs terrible deeds that would besmirch a greater mage. Otherwise, why is he about? Attempts to undermine his poor reputation or eradicate his name have met resistance. Occasional proofs of his usefulness that turn up with perplexing irregularity. The whole incident with a media official and a pair of hands nailed to a certain cabal's door back in 2004 is best forgotten.

  Gwydion remains well outside political affairs. He is something of a shadow to even his own Order. Though officially numbered among the Broken Bough cabal, his presence at any caucus or official meeting is rare enough to be counted a surprise. His habit of vanishing and reappearing at unexpected intervals really has not helped improve his stature in Anglesey. The long, bitter shadow of his influence lies upon the sole pupil he ever chose to take, and Scathach is every bit as silent about their relationship as he was. It's so bad that calculated political attacks from detractors set out to prove they were one and the same. An injunction from the Mastigos councilor prevented the inquiry but suspicion remains all the same.


  • Secrets
  • Revealing deep, hidden secrets. The ones you didn't know you had.
  • Reveling in his notoriety
  • Mastering rare knowledge
  • Good boots
  • Sudden appearances at unexpected times

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  Gwydion has not taken a student in memory except for Scathach. In fact, more than a few mages believe he is Scathach.


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