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Date of Birth: 17/11/81
Apparent Age: Late 20s / Early 30s
Occupation: Journalist, the Scotsman
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride

Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Mastigos
Cabal: None
Legacy: None
Order Status: Neophyte
Consi Status: None
Origins: Anglesey
Mentor: Arianrhod

Gareth Evans

“I pray you all, If you have hitherto concealed this sight, Let it be tenable in your silence still. And whatsoever else shall hap to-night, Give it an understanding but no tongue.”

Shakespeare - Hamlet

  Recently arrived in Edinburgh, Gwyllgi is apparently a reporter recently taken on at the Scotsman (under the name Rhys Jones). Bangor born and raised, he studied at both Liverpool University and Bangor University, earning a BA in English and an MA in Journalism. He appears to be backed by a significant figure from the Isle of the Blessed; given that she is a Guardian it is perhaps not surprising that little is truly known about Arianrhod's motivations or goals for sending a pawn out to the region.


  • Journalism! Reporting! Finding out the truth about things! (Then sterilizing it, neutering it of incriminating evidence and forcing it upon the unwitting masses as fact).
  • From Bangor! It's a hell of a town. There's a street with 27 pubs on it.
  • From the Angelsey Consilium! Wales is awesome.
  • Guardian of the Veil! M-11. The Pentacle's boogymen. Need something cleaned up? Sleepers seen too much? Tales to tattle? Lets talk!

  Tall and thin in the way that some would describe as a long streak of piss, there's a sense about this man of there being not much to him - physically, with not a scrap of excess. His hair is jet black, thick and unruly; it's of a length where it's not quite long enough to tie back and so plays about his face, often serving to cover his expressions. His eyes are brown, but dark enough that in low lighting or when partially obscured by stray locks of hair they appear almost black and there's a quiet intensity in them. A narrow nose and wide yet thin lips give his face something of a long, angular appearance that matches his overall build. His left brow is pierced with a solitary steel bar.   He's dressed in black; a loose knit wool sweater, snagged in numerous places and over long, showing signs of attempts to unravel at the hem. Over this is a dark green cotton jacket, with chest pockets and epaulets giving it a vaguely military look although it's bereft of insignia and faded in the look of treasured clothing that no one wants to throw away, despite it being past its prime. The sleeves of the sweater poke out at the cuffs, wriggled through holes allowing them to wrap about his thumbs. Well fitting black jeans and black suede skate shoes complete the attire.

Gwyllgi2.jpg Gwyllgi3.jpg


  • People will go here.



  • "A man of many words not many adding up. He wants to walk in the shadows I can feel it but if he can or not is yet to be seen. I hope there is more to him. I think there might be I truly do. I shall wait to make judgement." -- Tinker
  • "Caution never hurt anyone and won't, unless he swipes the crumpets." - Sinister
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