Hailesland Park

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Hailesland Park

Rampant poverty and crime thrive in the shadows of slab block towers that resist the wreckers’ ball and developers’ claims. Hideous projects forgotten by time occupy a slice of no man’s land between rusting chain-link fences and blighted suburban neighbourhoods. Withered trees in isolated patches are the last survivors of a failed beautification project. Bins are tossed over into wandering creeks poisoned by runoff. Little traffic rumbles down potholed streets save prostitutes and drug dealers; ancient vehicles rust in abandoned car parks otherwise ruled by weeds and discarded jabs.

Inroads taken in the last decade to eradicate the unsightly squalor replaced concrete buildings with low-rise housing every bit as institutional and soulless. Overbearing misery imposes on grey walls and dull, tiled floors in the blocky lobby. Dented elevator doors are smeared with gang tags and initials, while cinder blocks prop open the scratched fire door leading to the stairwell. Colourful posters for health and safety initiatives at Brighton Place fight a losing battle to alleviate the dismal air.


Zone: Pentlands
Grid: B6
Concept: Projects
Resources: 1
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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