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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: High Street

The Royal Mile rushes down the spiny backbone of Castle Rock, a ridge studded in atmospheric medieval tenements and landmarks that played pivotal roles in British history. High Street sings of history, its cobbles telling tales of rioters who gathered under the unicorn standard and crowds held rapt by powerful performances. Tall buildings rush up from precipices like rockets, the narrow windows peering down on tourists who descend onto the Mile in a stupor of admiration. Everywhere one turns is a monument or a famous facade, the stained glass of brooding St. Giles’ Cathedral, the High Court next door, or the great bronze statue of philosopher David Hume crowned with a traffic cone.

Irreverence and awe meet a happy medium best expressed during the madcap Hogmanay or burgeoning festival season, but no more so than the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world’s largest. A million souls converge upon High Street to watch outdoor performances by buskers, musicians, and comedians at all hours. Tour groups and costumed guides parade around the wynds and lanes connecting to lower streets soon after dawn and continue well into dusk, spurred by nightlife rocking subterranean vaults below the kitschy tourist shops crowding out any reputable store. The City Chambers attempts to bring civility and solemnity through its civic proceedings, but the general atmosphere is one of good-natured madness barely kept in check.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: DT C4
Resources: 3
Security: 4

Businesses: City Chambers
Mary Kings Close
Princes Street Gardens
St Giles Cathedral
The Witchery
Affiliations: None

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