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Date of Birth: 79
Apparent Age: 30s
Occupation: Fitness Instructor
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Pride

Order: Steel Legion
Path: Moros
Cabal: None
Legacy: None
Origins: Bergen


Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

Mark Twain

  Hildr comes from Bergen and has to anyone's knowledge lived there all her life, a Moros of the Steel Legion she was a fairly widely known apprentice to the Morosi Skuld, a suspicious figure sorrounded by vile whispers of soul snatching. (All vile gossip of course, so Hildr would have you know). Being of the Steel Legion she's adept with fists and different sorts of weaponry and is known to favour the spear when oppertunity allows it.

  She holds some strange theories in regards to the Underworld and Stygia which goes against some more traditional Awakened belifs, which always makes for entertaining conversation. She's near constantly followed around by the ghost of a starving thin man clad in a worn uniform suggesting WW2 era from Norway. And in general seems to keep a facination with the dead of the past like many other Moros.

  Other than her Shadow life she works at Bannatyne Fitness as a fitness instructor guiding people through challenging routines in the private gym, an offer which she extends to most everyone of the Awakened if she can abide their company. And being new to the town she's still doe eyed and looks at monuments and other tourist crap.


  • Valkyrie and other Norse Mythos
  • History
  • Dead People
  • Bannatyne Fitness - Is where she works.
  • Hitting things
  • Battlefields
  • WW2 Soldier - She isn't, but the ghost most always around her looks to be.

  A woman looking to be in her early thirties stadning around 5'7', pale skin and features suggesting a scandinavian heritage. Her physique is clearly athletic if more lithe than bulky. Shoulder length blonde hair of a darker tone framing a face with sharp features, a pair of icy blue eyes set between a nose with a faint crook, suggesting it having been broken sometime in the past.

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  • I'll forgive you for the "whale" comment so long as you work on curing your seasickness, valkyrie. - Mariner
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