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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Palace of Holyroodhouse

Holyrood Park enfolds the grounds of the Palace of Holyroodhouse up to the fortified gates, trees and high walls shrouding the complex from the end of the Royal Mile. The premier royal residence of Scottish monarchs remains open to the public except when the Queen holds court. The 17th century palace forms a quadrangle around inner gardens that conceals its tempestuous and storied past. Baroque apartments occupy the south and east sides, dominated by the lavish King’s Apartment outfitted in French tapestries, exquisite paintings of landscapes and hunts, and woven scarlet Persian rugs. Opulence increases from the outer presence chamber and drawing rooms towards the bedroom, the gilded heart of royal privilege.

The Grand Gallery stretches between the royal apartments, a mythical genealogical record of Scottish monarchs to the Stuarts. These imagined and real leaders watch over state dinners today. Polished banquet tables set with crystal, silver flatware, and priceless porcelain dominate the royal dining room. Reconstructed suites in the northwest tower belong to doomed Mary, Queen of Scots. Intertwined MR and JR initials stamp wooden ceilings with royal authority, and her oak-panelled prayer niche holds religious artefacts in glass cases, including a cross of St Andrew. Period furnishings decorate her bedchamber; framed portraits surround the large windows overlooking Holyrood Park, and her large tapestry-covered tester bed sits beside the marble fireplace.


Zone: East
Grid: F4
Concept: Park
Resources: 2
Security: 5

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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