Inchcolm Island

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Inchcolm Island


Pristine green hills and serene beaches beloved of seals and gulls conceal a bloody history of conquest and struggle. Concrete gun emplacements poke out from the heavily wooded east end to a vanished enemy, dormant but not defunct. The ruined Augustinian abbey dominates Inchcolm Island, a reminder of its strategic position in the Firth of Forth that bites into the heartland of Scottish power. Ferries moor at a small concrete terminal and a handful of low outbuildings provide minimal services during the height of the season for the throngs of tourists. Sweeping views across the Firth of Forth stretch the length of the coast, further reinforcing an air of isolation prized by the monks and raiders who once dwelled here.

Inchcolm Abbey still faces the sea in grim splendor, the best preserved medieval fragment of its kind in the country. Glass gleams in the octagonal refectory and slate tiles cover the cloisters which convey the solemn, isolated existence of resident Augustinians. Tiny cells pierced by a single window march down the halls, and the empty communal chambers feature medieval frescoes of Christ's life painted in fading tones. Delicate stone screens whisper at opulence in the lofty belltower, a lone concession to excess. Bare vaulted corridors resonate with lonely voices and echoing activity by day, reduced to a reverent hush when the tourists leave. The monastic church's thick cobbled walls and stony abutments stand open to the sky.


Zone: North
Grid: C1
Resources: 1
Security: 1

Businesses: None
Affiliations: None

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