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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Inverleith


The green jewel of Edinburgh's inner suburbs holds a dense patchwork of parkland and greenspace around prime residential real estate. Lush gardens surround elegant Edwardian and Victorian villas, walling off the outside world behind clipped box and English hedgerows. Edinburgh's elite dwell in multi-million dollar flats and penthouses afforded a magnificent view of the city skyline across New Town's thicket of chimneys and slate roofs. Inverleith's resistance to urban development leaves the winding avenues and circles free of businesses, sports fields and soccer pitches bringing added privacy among the coveted, exclusive subdivisions.

The Royal Botanic Gardens sit at the heart of the community, a large parcel on the hillside studded with Victorian glasshouses, herbaria, and conservatories. Founded in the 1670 as a medicinal garden, the world-class facility preserves 36,000 species divided into alpine, heath, woodland, and rainforest collections. Adjacent Inverleith Park is equally vast and popular for excursions and sport. Large duck ponds and reflecting pools attract birdwatchers and model boat enthusiasts, and walking trails provide incomparable vistas beyond the public gardens and sports fields.


Zone: Leith
Grid: E3
Resources: 4
Security: 4

Businesses: Coco
Fraser & Lonsdale Antiquities
Affiliations: None

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