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Cillian 5.jpg
Date of Birth: None
Apparent Age: Mid-thirties
Occupation: Litterature Professor/University Counselor
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Pride

Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Acanthus
Cabal: None yet
Legacy: None yet
Status: Status (Guardians of the Veil) 1
Status: Status (Edinburgh University) 1
Origins: Bergen

Player: Alexander Munck


"This is a battle, a war, and the casualties could be your hearts and souls."

Mr. Keating, Dead Poet's Society

  A man who for a long while took the easy path through life - a meandering path through Bergen's universities. He finally found his niche as a counselor, helping others' find their path. Then he entered the Guardian's labyrinth and his awakening changed everything.
  In Bergen's Halls of Academia, he found a new place battling the Seers of the Throne for control of the students' souls. Then the Silver Ladder Caucus of November 2010 happened.
  Now Keating's destiny has lead him to Edinburgh, something that he never planned for or expected. He figures he is going to be here for a while though, so he is out to become part of the Royal Society.


  • Keating has a healthy dislike for the Seers of the Throne and their activties as they pertain to the education systems of Bergen, Edinburgh or anywhere, really. If you're looking for trouble with the Seers, he might be game.
  • He has a job at Edinburgh University as a Professor and a Counselor under the name Erik Soldag. If you're interested in education, he offers his help.
  • He's a new mage in town and he needs to establish himself. Any activity that builds up status, favors, gets him acquainted with other mages and so on, are potentially interesting.
  • His mentor works a lot with the Silver Ladder in Bergen and he is expected to do the same. Members of the Bergen "expedition" to Edinburgh are welcome to contact him.
  • Got a destiny weighing down on you? He might be able to assist.
  • He is a fairly helpful guy in general, as long as it does not conflict with his duties and the Guardian's ethos, he is probably game.
  • Not much of a fighter (does have a can of mace though), more of people person, spy and academic.
  • Looking for a Cabal to join or found.

  A man with loose black hair, high cheekbones and striking blue eyes. Usually dressed casually, though more formal than some. Slacks, a shirt, blazer, no tie; casual shoes, but not sneakers. Is unassuming in general, but has strong presence when he wants to. Radiates a calm watchfulness, not paranoid or staring, but clearly aware of his surroundings.

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  • Cairn, knew her back in Bergen. Not one for open affection or much talking, but I know she'd have my back.
  • Epikoros, I name him Friend. Trust and ye shall receive trust in return.
  • Hildr, another mage from Bergen, hope her reputation doesn't follow her from Bergen. I believe it was undeserved.



  • "Trust Keating? Of course I trust him; the man's got yards and yards of integrity. We could do with a few more like him in this city. --Epikoros
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