Knight Residences

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Knight Residences

Cool earthen tones decorate a modern block of flats converted into long-term lets inside and out. The walk up leads into the hip lobby where cushy tweed sectional sofas ring a plasma television and media center. Inoffensive ecru walls and taupe carpet outline the commons where residents might lose a few hours in a novel or a telly programme. Offices hide behind a modest reception kitted out with a computer on a mosaic tile desk. Palms and figs add needed splashes of green, the delicate fronds arching over terra cotta pots.

A bank of bronze-doored elevators whisk residents efficiently to different floors, and beyond them a glass door leads into the private terrace bored into the heart of the building. Skylight overhangs protect the fringes from inclement weather, and the sinuous brick pavers wind around raised beds overflowing with colourful annuals. In winter, bright sprigs of dogwood raise scarlet and gold branches to the sullen sky.


Zone: Old Town
Grid: C5
Concept: Upscale Flats
Resources: 4
Security: 4

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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