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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Liberton

Liberton wins no awards for civic beauty or town planning. Charming names for terraces like Greenend Gardens and Guardwell Glen fail to match the dull, unattractive housing cluttered over former farms. One road blends into the other in a wall of characterless residences barely distinguishable from one another. A few historical scraps manage to survive being plowed under, notably Mount Vernon Cemetery and Liberton Tower, a plain four-storey tower house dated to the 15th century, which resembles modern apartment towers more than a little. Condemned to agricultural storage for four centuries, the tower opened to the public after recent restoration.

The extent of the sprawl north of the Pentland Hills leaves little space for new development. Liberton Golf Course festers in the middle of the town like a great turf wound enveloped by rustic, robust stone walls. Tree-laden sanctuaries and groomed paths for paying members create a physical and social divide between older neighbourhoods and Little France, the home campus to the new Royal Edinburgh Infirmary. Buses sweep past new stops en route to the cancer centre and research institutes on the grounds, not a kilometer removed from Liberton but a world away socially.


Zone: Southside
Grid: G7
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Businesses: Gilmerton Cove
Mother Cailleach's
Royal Hospital
Affiliations: None

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