Linlithgow Palace

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Linlithgow Palace

The seat of the Stuart monarchs and birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots is but a ruined shell, haunted by majestic ghosts of its former glory. Five centuries of disrepair cannot blunt the awe-inspiring facade of the first true Scottish palace designed for pleasure rather than fortification, the ultimate stamp of royal power. Painted heraldic devices of King James I greet visitors into the large forecourt dominated by a majestic stone fountain that intertwines the Stuart unicorn and other mythical figures with knights and labourers. Corridors well-worn by tourists map a large rectangle between the towers that survive intact.

Four tiers of empty square windows face the sparkling nearby loch, windswept stones home to memories and little else. Fire reduced the interior to bare pink rock, melting away the vivid paintings and devouring carved panels. Huge hearths fill the great hall where the court feasted, a vast room dominating the east quarter. Servants staircases lead down to the equally large, vaulted kitchens and subterranean larders used to store vast quantities of food. The chapel royal and royal apartments grace the south and west quarters, remnants of fine stone carving and fluted Gothic pillars visible in stairwells and ceilings. The highest reaches command dramatic views over the countryside to the distant Firth of Forth, spaces shared only with birds and intrepid spiders.


Zone: North
Grid: A1
Concept: Ruined palace
Resources: 2
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City

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