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Concept: Summer lord
Apparent Age: 55
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Envy

Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Obrimos
Legacy: Scion of God?
Status: Councilor
Cabal: Grail Society


No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.

-- Adam Smith

Lleu’s roots sink deep into Lothian soil. He served the Royal Society during the inter-war years and defended Caledonia against the Germans, American imports, and the Londinium consilium. None argue more passionately or proudly for Caledonian independence than he. Lleu advocates for a strong Consilium by cultivating mages from abroad, encouraging research and healthy competition.

In the prime of his years, the Obrimos Councilor actively participates in Supernal matters of all kinds. The man cuts short his sleep to support the Royal Society’s quest to expand magic and defend itself from its enemies. His outreach campaign to other consilia across western Europe and North America places Edinburgh on the forefront. He arranges ongoing Obrimos protection of magical items and hallows, much to the frustration of the Invisible College and Libertine radicals.

Supporters say he earned his rank through hard work, loyalty, and perseverance. They credit him for continuing the proud tradition of innovation and adaptability. Lleu is a rare Thearch receptive to change and radical ideas. His glorious vision energizes a weary community rocked by mundane and supernatural challenges, and he strives to raise the Wise to a higher level.

The Lumen Society begs to differ, calling tutelage from two Councilors and membership in Edinburgh’s leading cabals a prime example of having the Supernal silver spoon in his mouth. Dissidents claim he’s about as cutting edge as a butter knife. Squabbles fall on the Councilor’s deaf ears.


  • He makes a personal point to dispatch personal greetings to all Thearchs.
  • His inspirational presence can charge the dullest conversation.
  • Have questions regarding the path of wisdom?
  • Issues regarding hallows, leylines, and mana resources are his personal purview.
  • He rarely ventures into Old Town.
  • Social gatherings of all stripes attract him.

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