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"Is this a bad time?"

Cairn and Keating
Keating walks into the Cathedral. Curiously look around, though not gawking. He puts a tourist guide into his jacket pocket as he walks in the door.

Keating stops right inside the doors and appreciates the stained glass windows above and to the sides. Wandering a little about the entrance area and throwing a few glances around the cathedral.

There's an unearthly silence in the air this early evening. The Cathedral is a bit of a tourist spot but when the sun starts to go down they taper off. But there's still a presence here. A figure that is kneeling at the side of one of the pews. Head bent in silent prayer before they stand from the bended knee. Tattooed fingers pull at the hood of the coat as they settle themselves into the seat and then proceed to just..sit there. Staring straight ahead. There's a look back over the shoulder when Cairn notices a straggling tourist that turns out to be a familiar face. But she was going to let him get closer.

A dark-haired man in his mid-thirties. He is slight of build and of average height. His face is defined by high cheek-bones and striking blue eyes that rests easily on his surroundings. He is watchful in a relaxed way, neither harried- nor paranoid-looking. Well-groomed with loose black hair and clean shaven.

He is wearing dark grey trousers and a navy-blue shirt, over which he has a black blazer. No tie. Shoes are somewhere between casual and dress shoes. A glint of a silver chain can be seen at his collar-bones.

Keating spends a bit more time admiring the scenery, the walks up along the pews. He makes a respectful nod in the direction of the pulpit and the altar, before moving into the pew directly in front of Cairn's. As he sits down he says: "Hello Cairn. Is this a good place to talk?"

Cairn leans back into the corner of the pew and there's a nod of greeting, removing her hood there's a better look to her pale face, "Sure." she tells him softly. "What can I do for you Keating?" she looks to him as she tries to figure out why he's here without directly asking the Guardian. Not that she minded the company.

Keating smiles warmly. "I hope I'm not interrupting. It's been a while." He rests one elbow on the back of the pew, as he speaks to her. His jacket goes onto the seat besides him.

Cairn's never really been known to smile..or talk for that matter. But she can. She offers Keating the faintest shadow of a smile and there's a shake of her head, "No." she tells him as she watches him. Leaning forward a bit and resting her elbows on her knees, "It's good to see you." she murmurs.

He nods, "Good to see you as well." He grins a bit, Keating has always had an easy smile. "And it's nice to sit and talk instead of you trying to cut me down with a blade and me desperately jumping around."

Maybe Keating being one with an easy smile is the reason Cairn never tried to really kill him. She settles her hand underneath her chin and there's a bit of a grin, "I'm not much for talking. You did more than jumping around if I remember correctly." she points out. Then she sobers a bit, "What brings you to Edinburgh?" she asks.

Keating straightens a bit, not surprised by her going straight to the point. "It's going to sound like an awful cliche, but... destiny." He expression becomes a bit more serious. "Did a bit of a number on me. I'm going to be here in Bergen for a while." He purses his lips. "Perhaps indefinitely." Slight shrug. "Good to be out from under Diagora's thumb though." As always, when Keating mentions his mentor there's a trace of distaste... never when Diagoras himself could overhear it though. "I'm looking for something called 'the Hand of the Norns'" There's some anticipation in him as mentions the last bit... as if he's awaiting some kind of reaction.

"The city has that pull. Had it when I was little as well." Cairn tells him as she rubs at her throat. She wasn't used to talking but she's not complaining. She listens to him and her mind that's like a steel trap records the information. Not knowing what he's speaking of. There's a look down to her tattooed hands and then to him, "I..have no idea Keating. Know anything else on it?" she asks him.

Keating looks a bit disappointed. He exhales. "No, nothing yet. Hopefully that is only temporary." He glances around, then return his gaze to hers. "This place has a strong ambience, it suits you... or perhaps it's the other way around." Without waiting for a response, he continues. "Flew in a few days ago, still setting up shop. Can you tell me anything about the local scene?" It'd be a smooth change of subject, if only it... wasn't.

"We can hope that you find something out about it. Whatever it is. But I'm not cutting my hand off." Cairn points out to him with a bit of a chuckle. Her green eyes are curious at what he says about the surroundings, "Yeah..old and creepy. Suits me." she smirks. Then she kicks his pew slightly. "The local scene is..quiet. A little too quiet sometimes. There's a bit of a task that I'm doing for the Herald at the moment..but that's mainly because I'm talking to ghosts." she tells him. "The Guardians could use some active people here..I've not met many." she admits.

He raises an eyebrow and glances at her hands. "I do hope it's a metaphor of some kind. I don't like the idea of trying to start a collection of hands." He moves a bit so he rests both elbows at the back of pew. "The MI-11 does take good care of it's territory, from what I hear, but they focus mostly on Abyssal threats. I intend to focus on the Seers, like I did back in Bergen." He clenches his teeth. "Like in Bergen, they are deeply entrenched in the universities. Looking for easy prey. That cannot go unchallenged."

Cairn looks down to her hands and flexes her fingers a bit, 'Iron' and 'Will' are tattooed across her knuckles in olde English. At least you'd know who hit you in the morning. "I'd hope not. Especially if someone reanimates them..gods only know what my hands would do." she tries to deadpan it. She then nods to him, "Well. We won't let anything like that happen here. I work security for the University. So I'm sure with a few of us we can keep an eye on things." she tells him.

Keating tilts his head a bit. "That's good to know. Once I start digging, I might need a... hand or two with what I find at the bottom." He leans back and stretches his arms a bit. "You know, finding you here really was a windfall. I've been wanting to taste some of the local brew, can I offer you a pint? I'd also love to hear how Aesun's doing... if he's still the same, grumpy old wolf." He grins, clearly intending no insult to her mentor."

Cairn nods to that, "Count me in then." she tells him easily enough. They knew each other in Bergen..of course she'd be willing to help out. She leans up and places her elbows on the back of his pew and there's a nod, "A pint sounds good. Probably need to get moving before the monk wonders why we are lingering." she tells him as she looks about and then back to him. "My Da is doing fine. Old bastard." she smiles a bit warmly at the mention of Aesun. "Come on." she whispers as she pulls her hood up and stands up. Waiting for him to join her.

Keating rises as well. Walking to her side, he looks questioningly at her. "There's actually a monk here? It will take some time to get used to Edinburgh I think." As they begin walking towards the exit, he turns his head towards her. "I think I'll like it though, the locals seem to be good people." As the two of them walk towards the exit, the silence in the cathedral effortlessly swallows the sound of their footsteps. As they have spoken, the last of the sunlight has swiftly faded and the cathedral is filled with deep shadows.

Cairn looks about and there's a sort of laughter to her eyes, "He's very dead Keating. He's just around about the same time each night." she explains to him as they walk. She looks over to him and there's a ghost of a smile, "Yeah it's a good place. I lived here till I was twenty and then got shipped to Bergen." she tells him. Then she opens the door and steps out into the chilly evening air with him, "So where did you want to get that pint?" she asks as she looks around them. Tension bleeding into her features as they are outside again.

Keating's surprise quickly fades. "Oh, I see." He casts a final look around the cathedral. "Hope his remnant has a good reason to stick around for so long." It takes him a little while to respond to her question. "Hey, I don't know, you're the local. I've heard good things about Cloisters, but I will bow to your local insight." His voice becomes solemn as he recites: "For Surely there is a time to submit to guidance and a time to take one's own way at all hazards." He grins, "as Darwin's Bulldog would put it."

"He's harmless." Cairn whispers quietly. It's why she sat there most of the time. Cleared her head. "Well..we could head over to the Fringe Cafe sometime. Our Herald works there." she points to a place a few spaces down. Then there's a bit of a nod to him, "Mariner likes the Cloisters. He's a talkative one. But means well." she states. "Did you take a taxi or can you deal with a bit of cold wind. I've got my bike." she offers him. Then there's a laugh, a genuine one as she walks at his quote.

A last glance back toward the cathedral. "I'll take you word for it." He shrugs at the cold wind, as he buttons up his jacket. "I think I can handle it, and yes, I need to meet Dextra and if I had trouble with talkative people I certainly choose the wrong career. Lead on."

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