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Quickly Assembled at the City Chambers...

Cairn, Epikoros, and Mariner
Epikoros says, "Mariner, welcome, I appreciate you coming here on such short notice."

"Hardly. I took my time." The Mariner is, except on rare occasion when directly in the midst of Supernal happenstance, a man of few words. He has already unzipped his windbreaker and thrown it over his arm as he takes a seat opposite Epikoros at the Topaz Table.

Epikoros says, "Excellent. I am glad to have another of our Path here to help verify my observations."

Epikoros smiles warmly as Cairn arrives. "Hi, Cairn. It's good to see you."

The Mariner and Epikoros are both situated at the Topaz table. The Mariner turns in his seat as Cairn enters the room, his fingers laced together thoughtfully on the table. "Welcome, Cairn. Epikoros - you mentioned some observations..."

Cairn actually smiles at Epikoros as she wanders into the Signet Library and sees the two Mages sitting there. She nods her head to Mariner and then settles down into a chair next to Epikoros. A hand his ran through her redhair to straighten it out. But she doesn't speak for the moment.

Epikoros says, "So, I wanted to talk about a disturbing thing I noticed last night, at the Underground. I figure you may have noticed something last night that I missed," here he addresses Cairn, then turns to Mariner, "and you might have some insight on the particular thing I noticed, which concerns Mind.

"By the time it occurred to me to check, after the, ah, craziness of the party had been steadily escalating for some time, I noticed some active Mind effects in the group.""

Epikoros says, "I assume they were beacons of some sort, highlighting people to be targeted by the more extreme behaviors of the crowd. That's an inference made because of outcomes, not a direct observation of the effects, which I unfortunately didn't have the time to make."

"Yes - so what are you asking me, exactly?" The Mariner asks, his brows knit together in a frown as he turns it over in his head. He leans back into his chair and crosses one leg over the other, his fingers laced and sitting on top of his knee.

Epikoros says, "You've been on this Path for longer than I have. I want to know whether this sounds familiar, or if you've seen anything like it before. And even if not, I'd like for us to be on the same page about this kind of event; if Sleepers are being manipulated and Mages are being targeted, that's a potentially dangerous thing."

"Lax knows more than I do. I didn't cast anything last night. But he seemed to know about it when I checked him for lingering effects." Cairn tells them quietly. "He filed a report with the Sentinels and Urien. I think we need a Spirit mage to help out with this. They were being urged it seemed." she states.

Epikoros says, "Good work. If this becomes a pattern, it will be good to have a paper trail established. I did check for Spirit activity last night and did not find anything, but I am fairly inexperienced with that Arcanum and it is entirely possible that I missed something important."

"The arcanum of Mind is fully capable of this if spirits are not responsible," The Mariner grouses in a mumble, his beard shuffling as mulls in that stereotypical London mumble. "An apprentice could easily urge the emotions of a Sleeper already in the throes of ecstasy to lash out without anyone being the wiser. It's best to hope 'twas spirits, since a spell like that means you were targeted by a wizard, perhaps a warlock."

Epikoros frowns, listening to Mariner. "In that case, we'd have rogue Royal Society mage, visitor from outside, or Pax Alba violation. None of those sounds appealing."

A wheezy sigh of affirmation comes out of The Mariner's mouth.

Epikoros says, "I am also interested in the form of the spell itself. The resonance I noticed was clinging to mages, who did not seem to have their thoughts or actions affected. But the spell was affecting the behavior of Sleepers nearby. It's as if the spell was drawing or triggering them without directly affecting them."

Cairn sits quietly for the moment and listens to the two Mastigos. She was quiet for now. Waiting to see if there was something she could help with or add to. So she was waiting on things. She wasn't good with Mind or Spirits.

Epikoros says, "Is it possible for this to be ghost-related? What if certain party-goers were being temporarily haunted?"

"It's possible - but I couldn't tell you without studying their resonances further. I've never curated a spell quite that finely before, it sounds like it might require some element of fate, or a higher degree of mastery than an apprentice would have," The Mariner muses, tapping his fingers on his lip as he leans forward. An idea strikes him. "Mages on the Path of Thistle could help us, you know. They can look into the past - we could sift through the club at the party, and find who might be targeting you."

Cairn shakes her head, "Not unless the place itself is giving off that much of an emotional imprint I don't think it's a haunting. It would take a lot of power to pull that off." she tells Epikoros and Mariner.

Epikoros hmms. "So, not a natural haunting... can we also rule out the Death arcanum calling ghosts deliberately?"

The Mariner glances at Cairn for guidance on that one, in deference. "That's a lot of power needed to call the amount of ghosts need to influence a crowd like that. Not to mention calling that many ghosts would be sketchy as they'd need to be capable of the same numina and things. So I'm seriously doubting it." she tells them.

"Consult an Acanthus to look into the past. It's your best bet without closely analyzing the spells as they work," The Mariner suggests.

"Will do," agrees Epikoros, already thinking of names. He makes a couple of quick mental notes. "I think," he ventures cautiously, "that that's all the information I have. So. Any further comments? If not, thank you for meeting me here, and I won't take any more of your time."

"...Have you confirmed that any spells aren't still active on you?" The Mariner asks, his eyes narrowing a little as he leans forward.

"I checked Lacrosse out last night as I was afraid there might be some lingering effects." Cairn tells them. "I didn't check Epikoros as we parted ways after things happened." she states.

Epikoros says, "I believe I'm clean, but you're welcome to take a look for yourself."

The Mariner gives them a look with wider eyes, like he was both shocked and worried. Indeed, he activates his magic almost immediately for scrutiny.

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