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Matters of Loyalty

Gaheris and Keating
Gaheris is sitting on one of the low couches. He has a drink in his hand. He's trying to keep a low profile.

Keating enters from the street, taking off his jacket and putting it over his arm right after the door. He glances around once, eyes panning over Gaheris, but he makes no visible reaction to seeing him. He seats himself in one of the couches, close enough to Gaheris to speak, after passing by the bar and carrying a... Guinnes Daiquiri. Lord have mercy on his soul.

Keating says, "Good evening, thanks for meeting me."

Gaheris is drinking a far more simple drink. "It ain't a problem, mate." He glances around. "We pretty much need to talk anyway."

Keating nods to Gaheris. "We do, yes." He notes Gaheris' glance around, waits a little and then glances around himself, being a bit circumspect about it. Then he grins and raises his glass to Gaheris. "May good habits die hard, and we both live long and well."

Gaheris says, "Amen." He takes a drink. "You are the first of our brotherhood I've met here."

Keating cocks his head an inch to the side. "After Sinister, you are my first as well. You haven't met with him yet?"

Gaheris says, "I got the speech, but that's not the same as actually talking with a person, if you know what I mean."

Keating nods, "That's a good point. Talking implies a dialogue. I don't think we rate highly enough to warrant a dialogue with Sinister yet." he leans back a bit "Speaking of dialogue, do you mind if I take some measures to make sure this is a two-person one?"

Gaheris says, "If you really feel you must, but in my experience people don't listen to conversations if you don't raise your voice or stand out in the crowd."

Keating looks steadily at Gaheris for a moment, then nods. "That's a good point." He moves his shoulders for a bit, trying to release a bit of tension. He glances to the side "So, what did you think of Hildr?"

Gaheris says, "Hildr seemed a little . . . " He fades off and then takes a sip of his drink. "There are people who talk and people who do and people who listen. Hildr seems to talk and do, but not listen."

Keating considers his words, then nods, "That is about right." He takes a sip before continuing "She is solid, I was assigned to do a bit of digging on her back in Bergen, never found anything to substantiate the rumours about Skuld, her Mentor... Even spoke to her about it recently. I have no reason to believe she is Left-Handed."

Gaheris says, "I will keep that in mind. Keep an eye out."

Keating says "Good idea." He focuses on Gaheris for a moment and then says "I really do think she is a good person, if a bit short on patience." He glances aside again afterwards, sipping his drink and relaxing.

Gaheris says, "Now, you were angry with me in the graveyard. Why?"

Keating turns his head back to Gaheris. "It was that obvious?"

Gaheris says, "We've been trained to study people, Keating. It wasn't obvious."

Keating says, "Fair enough, yes I was annoyed with you. And it was not fully justified."

Gaheris says, "I don't wnat to be annoyed with me. What did I do?"

Keating says, "nothing you should not have done. You were studying Cairn and Epikoros. Epikoros in particular, you drew him out very easily. He would easily have told you his life story without you telling him anything. They're my people you see."

Gaheris says, "Your people? What do you mean your people?"

Keating bites his lip, then sips from his drink, grimacing slightly. "My cabalmates, we should soon be recognised by the Royal Society." You say, "as the Long Game."

Gaheris says, "Huh. You are a cabalmate with Epikoros. What's the purpose of your cabal?"

Keating smiles, "There are several. Epikoros wants to help heal and strengthen the minds of the awakened. Cairn wishes to safeguard the souls and minds of the dead. I wish to safeguard the souls, minds and bodies of students. We found these aims work together well, so we decided to play the long game together." He gives a self-conscious laugh. "My apologies, the name sounds a bit like a pun."

Gaheris says, "I think it is a valid approach. But you know where your true allegiance lies, right?"

Keating 's eyes grow a bit frosty, "Yes, of course, if the cabal in any way conflicted with our organisation, then I would not have joined it." He purses his lips a bit, "I'm curious, do you serve the Londinium MI-11 or the Royal Society MI-11? I don't think those two are entirely synonymous."

Gaheris takes another sip of his drink. "Is there a difference in policy?"

Keating quirks one corner of his mouth, eyes on Gaheris. "I believe so, yes"

Gaheris says, "Could you explain it to me?"

Keating blinks once. "Very well..." He purses his lips again, a bit of a call there. "As I understand it, the Londinium consilium is on opposition to the Royal Society. Which is different from the Bergen consilium, they stand beside it. I don't know much though, after all I'm just a stranger in a strange land." He smiles at Gaheris across his drink. "Your insight should be much deeper."

Gaheris says, "I am a soldier and a spy, not a politician." He shrugs. "I am not here to tell people what to do; I am here to keep the peace and protect the innocent, doing whatever needs to be done."

Keating says, "What happens, then, when the Royal Society and Londinium come into conflict?"

Gaheris says, "You can rest assured I will act according to the best interests of the people I have chosen to protect. I am not going to take a side unless I have to."

Gaheris rolls Composure + Subterfuge + 1 = 2 4 4 6 9 - (1)

Keating rolls Wits + Empathy + 1 = 1 4 4 8 8 10 10 3 - (4)

Gaheris is trying to avoid saying which side he would come down on, though he is very loyal to the Londinium Consilium and his mentor.

Keating scrutinizes Gaheris carefully, then says: "That's a good answer. I suppose we would all do well to remember that we are ultimately on the same side."

Gaheris says, "Most of us, yes. So, you are from Bergen? Or from here?"

Keating goes with the slight change of subject, or maybe just of focus. "From Bergen. We've always had close connections to the Royal Society and with the Caucus... I am here to assist the Edinburgh Consilium, but I won't forget where I came from."

Gaheris says, "Of course you won't. We never really forget where we come from. I, too, am here to assist the Edinburgh Consilium. I do have to find a good cabal to form. Have you met any other Guardians?"

Keating says, "perhaps you should meet Cairn and Epikoros again, it sounds like your goals are compatible, so... it's not impossible."

Gaheris says, "Now. About the party the other night. Have you investigated any more about this possible haunting?"

Keating shakes his head, "No, I haven't found out more. I am waiting for Cairn to hear back from her ghost contact, before I do anything... if necessary. I am content to remain on the sidelines on this one, unless there is need. Lots of mages involved already. Once I hear something though, I can keep you appraised."

Gaheris says, "So they are ghosts. I will need to go there and look for them. We should develop our own contacts with the dead."

Keating says, "it's not certain that ghosts are involved. Cairn usually has a good number of ghostly contacts, so I'm waiting for her to hear more before drawing any conclusions."

Gaheris says, "Perhaps spirits then? I can see them as well. But for now, I should go."

Keating nods, "Very well. Before you go though, can I ask you for a favor?"

Gaheris says, "Sure, Keating. What do you need?"

Keating says, "Epikoros, I think I may need help in keeping him alive."

Gaheris looks concerned. "What's the problem?"

Keating bares his teeth a bit. "He has chosen a role that exposes him terribly. He offers consultations to mages and the name on his door is his true name. Eventually a Seer will walk in there and they will have his name.

Keating says, "not asking you to babysit, but... keep an eye out for him. I might need help with it on short notice."

Gaheris says, "I will certainly keep an eye on him, just as favor to you."

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