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The Moros know how to throw a party..obviously.

Cairn, Epikoros, Hildr, Gaheris, Lacrosse, Lohengrin, Keating, Wulfdun
It's a little past midnight in Greyfriars Kirk and there's not really anyone in the place this late at night. There's just the night security..which happens to be Cairn. The Steel Legion Moros is standing under one of the arches in the graveyard as the rain is pouring in icy sheets. She's a quiet guardian for the moment. Her hood pulled up as she is watching some of the wandering shades that wander back and forth with a somber look on her face.

The Moros do love their graveyards, and so it'd seem Hildr have returned to this one. The woman clad in a dark blue hoodie, under a black wool coat and the hood up to shield her hair from the icy rain, and not doing too good of a job with it. She looks generally disgruntled, and seems to be following a more interesting persona. A restless shade, in the shape of a man in his thirtries, clad in a norwegian military uniform from the WW2 era, starved to the very brink of death.

Cairn turns as some of the other shades spook and she turns white eyes to the new arrival...arrivals. But there's recognition in the Moros' face and a wave to the pair, "Hildr?" the woman rasps out. She'd always had trouble talking after that broken bottle to the throat. "Get out of the rain." she motions her over to share the archway she's standing under.

There's a slight pause, Hildr's expression barely visible under the hood as she looks over at Cairn. "Hey." but she does as directed and move in under shelter from the rain. "This really is smacked down in the middle of your territory isn't it." it's not really posed as a question. The shade next to her just remains, looking out into nothing silent.

Cairn was hard to not know if people were in the Steel Legion in Bergen. She offers a nod of her head and a slight smile, "Welcome to Greyfriars." she tells the other Moros. Then there's a bit of a pause, "Well..I know it like the back of my hand so it seemed to be a good place to set up shop." she offers in a quiet tone. "But yeah..it's smack in the middle of territory." she nods to that. Her eyes then flick to the ghost with her, "Who is this?" she asks curiously.

"It's got it's charms, I met with Keating here. I think he was trying to appease me." There's a hint of amusement present, sticking her hands into her pockets Hildr casts a glance at the ghost. "This is Karl." a pause "Hey, she can see you." supposedly meant for the ghost in question and he turns and looks at Cairn. "He doesn't talk much."

Cairn rattles a bit when she chuckles, "Keating is a good guy. He's our Edgetender. Epikoros is our Hearthmaster." she offers to Hildr with a bit of a look around. The redhaired Moros pulls out a flask and offers it to the other Legionnaire, "This'll keep you warm. Bloody cold." she mutters with a chuckle. Then she gives a bit of a bow to Karl, "We have some unique Einjerhar around here. Nice to meet you Karl. Don't worry..I don't talk much either." she whispers.

There's a raised brow from Hildr, but she tugs her hood back before she takes the bottle. The wind sending her blonde hair flying most everywhere briefly as she takes a sip. Casting a look out the graveyard "You think so? I am more uncertain if many of them are worthy."

"It's mead. At least it's good." Cairn tells the other Norn as she keeps her death sight up. Her normally green eyes milky white from the film that is glazed over them. "There's a lot of old shades here. The just need a caretaker." she tells the woman. "So what brings you to Edinburgh?" she asks finally. "I've noticed a few Legion from there." she chuckles.

Hildr wrinkles her nose slightly, before taking another sip from the bottle before handing it back, sticking her hands into her pockets again. "I was asked to get Kelda here. And to do some research, some things they want to know back home." taking a deeper breath as she settles leaning back. "And we have our duties with the Steel Legion, I understand from Keating there might be something coming up with Seers on the Uni."

Cairn chuckles a little and takes the flask back and taking a drink herself before she puts it back into the pocket of her trench coat. "I had to escort someone awhile back. Then I just stayed. Aesun said I needed time back home." she frowns to that. Then she leans a shoulder against the other wall. There's a quirk of her eyebrow, "Yes..we think there might be some confrontation. So we might have to take care of things there." she shakes her head.

"Well the shadow wars are for the Guardians, I reckon they won't need us til it's all clear and frontline." There's a slight smile on her lips briefly, as if there was a jest there she alone was privy to. "Recently Karl here have been dragging me around, he's looking for some stone. Apparently he spent time in this town back then."

"I've not seen a lot of Guardians here to be honest. Besides Keating of course and he's capable..someone might need to take the initiative on that until they rise to the occasion as a whole unit." Cairn tells Hildr with a bit of a frown. "The Legion is well represented though." she chuckles softly. Her dead eyes look around for another moment before they revert back to her natural green and a hand is ran through her red hair.

Cairn and Hildr are standing under one of the large stone archways in Greyfriars this evening. The red haired Moros is dressed in jeans and a long black wool coat with a hood. It's raining and there's a bit of a quiet about the place. It's almost unnatural. But when there's two Moroi around..what're you going to do.

"Suppose that's true." Hildr runs a hand back through her blonde locks, casting a look out over the graveyard with a rather dull expression. "And so I hear, plenty of us. Was another one on the same ship I come here with. - Was looking after Keating actually."

After wandering around the Greyfriar's Kirk for a while, Keating spots the two Moros under the archway. After a circumspect glance around, he heads in their direction. He is wielding a fearsome umbrella in blue and white, emblazoned with the scottish flag. He nods to them as he closes. "Evening ladies." His voice rings a bit loudly in the quiet, earning a short lived frown, which is quickly replaced with a brilliant smile at Cairn and Hildr.

Wulfdun emerges from the thick cold rain near-to Hildr and Cairn. As he comes into view he reaches to pull the hood of his sweatshirt back so that his features are plain to those present. He gives the duo a pointed look and then glances upward towards the archway that shields them from the elements, "It's going to get crowded under there.." He observes with a slow grin as Keating appears about the same time but at least he had sense enough to bring an umbrella.

That said he pulls the hood back up over his head and bows his features a bit, "Is this a social gathering?" He asks.

Cairn actually gives a ghost of a smile to Keating, maybe it's because she knows him better than the others that have appeared suddenly. Which is fine by her. More people to get together and talk. She then catches sight of Wulfdun and there's a nod to the large Norseman, "Well met." she nods to those joining. Then she's reaching up to rub at her throat for a moment. Quieting for the moment.

"Speak of the devil." Hildr remarks with a nod towards Wulfdun, her expression remains somewhat on the blank side as she looks over at Keating "Evening. Here I thought graveyards were our thing Cairn." a hint of amusement in the words, if hidden behind a obvious enough disgruntled mood. "Not counting the shit weather."

It's raining heavily. A small gathering is forming under one of the stone archways in the Kirk. The evening is quiet, almost unnaturally so, the rain and dark swallowing most sounds. Under the archway though, there is conversation and noise.

Wulfdun thrusts his hands into the pockets of his jacket, "They are.." The Norseman remarks evenly, "..at times man must go beyond the comforts of hearth and home if he is to do his duty.." He looks upward at Hildr then, "Have you been told of the threat in the Underground?" He asks her.

A bumbershoot comes tumbling down the lane, followed by a disgruntled and rapidly becoming drenched Indian. Lax hustles toward it, only to have the wind send it skittering further toward the archway, until it bumps against Carin's leg. The acanthus stops with a start, looking at the gathering in the sheltering arch, then reaches down to reclaim the fugitive umbrella and return it to proper position above his head. "Lovely timing, abysmal sense of humor. I trust the fates were kinder with your journeys?"

Keating grins warmly at Hildr, "Like you suggested, I'm trying to please the Moroi, which includes suffering the same shit weather as you." He does the obvious and glances, up at the sky, moving his umbrella out of the way and letting a few drops hit his face. "Doesn't seem too bad though." He nods in greeting at Wulfdun and apparently waits to see if the big man feels like elaborating.

It is late at night in a pouring rain. The only people who would be hanging out in graveyards would be those who are up to no good. Fate might conspire to drive others here, but some are just driven by curiosity. Gaheris lurks by the gate, the cold rain running down his face.

Cairn's eyes go down to the umbrella that attacks her pant leg and there's a bit of a look around until her cold emerald gaze falls on Lacrosse. There's a stern signing and then a bit of a gripping motion made to the Acanthus. Stronger grips were needed obviously. She then turns her attention back to the gathered and waits to see who else is joining them. She's resting her voice for the moment it would seem.

There's an arched brow from Hildr as she looks at Lacrosse as he tumbles in chasing his umbrella "This is getting silly, are you all Acanthus or what." wrinkling her nose before looking back at Wulfdun "No, no one have told me about me about any threat from the Underground, elaborate."

Fate? Curiosity? Who is to say what brings the trenchcoat wearing bearer of a sturdy umbrella to a graveyard in the rain. Still, Lohengrin is not deterred by such things as inclement weather. He has a mission and one that will brook no inconvenience. As he nears the gate, Gaheris' presence is noted but not commented upon immediately.

"The youth of this city gather for revelry within a tunnel.." Wulfdun pronounced for those who are unaware, "..they dance and drink but their minds are not their own. They are driven by an unknown force which pushes them to self-destruction."

He looks to Cairn there and then to Lacrosse as he emerges in pursuit of his umbrella, "Others here were present and saw more than I, perhaps they can explain."

Keating raises an eyebrow at Lacrosse and the others who are arriving. "There certainly are a few of us out tonight. Perhaps you have done a summoning of some kind?" The tone makes it clear that it is a joke. He looks at Wulfdun. "Well met Wulfdun." He follows his blance to Cairn and Lacrosse. "That does sound interesting, I've only heard a little about the events."

Lacrosse's returning gestures are hampered by the handle in one hand, but he does offer a chagrined look to the red haired moroi. "One does not question fortuitous circumstance too closely, else you end up studying butterfly wing flaps in the Amazon." He looks to Wulfdun and then Cairn, and shrugs. "Honestly, we don't know, for those who observed it can't agree on what it is. I scrutinized a man attempting to aspirate liquor, and found that the effect influencing him was pervasive throughout the entire area. It was an encouragement to indulge to excess. Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, I didn't witness any outright violence, though it was rather like a mosh pit. I also don't believe the effect was caused by supernal sources. Cairn has stated that ghosts could do something like that, but the number required is prohibitive without becoming blatantly noticeable. Epikoros looked for spirits, but didn't find any, though I suspect they could have been hiding amidst the throng."

Gaheris turns to watch the broad-shoulder man when he passes by. He shoves his hands into his pockets and follows the man. He's not sure what he'll find there, but it is not like he is fooling anyone with his massive powers of stealth.

Lohengrin does give a pause inside the gates, noting the man to take to following him. He waits a moment, rain pouring off of his umbrella, then turns to Gaheris and asks, "Pardon, do you have a light?"

Cairn shrugs her shoulders to Lacrosse and whatever he signed back. But it wasn't mean. She then pulls out her flask again and takes a long pull of whatever is in there before capping it and sliding it back into her coat pocket. She then flicks her gaze towards the front gates and there's a bit of a chuckle to whatever she sees, "Some of the ghosts are getting curious. I'll let everyone know if we need to move." she whispers to the gathered.

"Shades can do so, but they'd be hard pressed to manifest to extend influence to so many. A club is not an opportune location for them." Hildr wrinkles her nose again, stuffing her hands back into her pockets. "I mean, there are plenty of things that could do what you describe. Could be a tainted Hallow with a resonance, did anyone with knowledge of Prime check for that?"

Keating listens to Lacrosse's and Hildr's words, when they are done he adds "That does sound interesting. You also think it came from the underground somewhere?" He extends a hand to Lacrosse "I'm Keating, a pleasure."

  • > GAME: Lacrosse has been healed of all damage.

Wulfdun shakes his head to indicate he did not check for a resonance, "Whatever the cause whether spirit or weakening it is a clear danger. The only one of which I am presently aware." He says lowly, "Some have suggested that an item be planted to observe the site others believe that a group of us should return in the night better prepared."

He regards the continued influx of folks pausing as introductions are made, "I possess neither guile nor a talent for remote observation - but all should be aware of what has transpired so that we may each be vigilant."

When Keating speaks he makes a low sound as if not having through of a subterranean influence.

Gaheris digs into his sodden jacket and pulls out a lighter, flipping it to the man who addressed him. "There ya go, if it'll light." He studies the man for a moment, awkwardly. First meetings are always strange. Giving up, he says: "How's it going?"

"While several of us were present, we hadn't gone in a group. I had only just noticed Cairn and Epikoros present when I began my scrutiny of the influence, and Cairn ordered a withdrawal soon after. If it is a hallow, then it's a rather sizeable one." Lacrosse offers as answer to Hildr, extending his hand to Keating. "Lax. And the club is called Underground. It happens to be underground, off one of the old rail tunnels."

Keating tilts his head quizzically at Wulfdun, then hears Lacrosse's words and barks a short laugh. "Oh, Underground the _Club_. I mistook your words earlier, I... haven't looked into it myself at all, so I have no qualified insight to add." He glances towards the two men sharing a lighter, still distant. There is a bit of caution in his expression, "It does, by the by, seem very... coincidental that so many of us are gathering here. Fate twists in weird ways though, once we get involved."

Lohengrin catches the lighter easily enough and a smirk of amusement comes to his face. "Wetly. Thank you for asking. One does not normally find people at graveyards in such weather. Have you lost someone?" Bracing his umbrella in the nook of his arm, he fishes for a fag and sticks it in his lips. "Rhetorical question, I know. I'm new in town." He strikes it and.. by all the heavens, it lights.

"Well it seems obvious we ought to head back and find the source, if it isn't a Hallow there are numerous other things it could be. - But in the end that's all just theory." Hildr seems rather direct there, perhaps showing a dislike for theoretical talk. A glance given up into the air to her left.

Keating says, "Well, it seems there are already competent people handling things. I won't butt in, but let me know if there's anything I can help with."

Gaheris shakes his head at Lohengrin. "I'm new in tone myself, but I'm looking for someone. I thought that maybe he might be here, but it looks like he's not here." He turns to the group in the distance. "These people seem very interesting though."

Cairn quirks a bit of grin to Karl with Hildr, "We do that sometimes." the other Moroi rasps out to the ghost. Not begrudging him his worry..but humans rushed. It was because of the unknow most of the time. The scarred woman finally looks about and there's a nod, "Some of us should go back. I'd like to try to get back and see if Marva is going to answer me or not." she chuckles out.

"Do they?" Lohengrin looks off towards the gathered deeper in the cemetary. "Then by all means lead the way. Perhaps we shall make it a party and all get to know one another." He smiles, offering back the lighter. "Thank you." Then he's setting off towards Cairn and company.

"The more I think on Marva, the more I'm thinking something happened to her. The doors and windows are all enspelled to dissuade entry, and all of the stories preceding our visit never say that someone saw her, just that they came back choking on ectoplasm." Lacrosse frowns, still dripping from soaked to damp beneath his reclaimed umbrella. "I think we need to talk to Dextra on that, especially if your message didn't get delivered." here a nod to Cairn.

There's a snort from Hildr at the remark from the shade and she shakes her head, blonde locks going left and right "Who is this Marva? And that does sound like the place is haunted. - A pretty nice flair to it too." she muses with what can only be described as dry wit.

Gaheris moves with Lohengrin toward the group, wiping the water off his face and putting the lighter back into his pocket. He trods lightly across the graves.

Cairn's attention has been split between the real world and the Twilight. The rain starting to soak into her hood and the woman nods to something unseen to the others, "Let me know if he's getting upset. I'll come over and try to talk to him. I know it's crowded for so late." she tells the young ghost that's moved up to whisper to her. Then she focuses her gaze at the two shapes that are starting to move their way. A bit of warmth coming to her eyes as she notices one is Lohengrin.

Keating listens to the others and then says to Hildr, in low tones as to not interrupt the conversation: "She's a member of the Invisible College who has been silent for a while." As the conversation reaches a lul, he says a bit louder, "If she missing, then it's a serious matter. Not good form to let our fellows simply disappear." He throws another cautious glance at the newcomers, but relaxes when he sees Cairn's reaction.

Lohengrin is bearing an umbrella and so his visage is shielded from the weather. He bears it not to conceal his face nor the smile he bears for Cairn. "Greetings once again dear friend. I had wondered who might gather such a crowd as this and in such a place." There's a glance about and to Gaheris. "Tell me. These are all new faces to me. Are we among friends? Shall introductions be made? I do apologize for interrupting heady talk for such it must be to converse in this deluge." He chuckles.

"I scrutinized the wards on her doors and windows, some very intricate rote work. If we could find another spell that's known to be hers, then I could compare the resonances. Unfortunately, for now all I really know is we're dealing with a master of Death, who wants the house left alone." Lax explains, though his voice trails off as more unknown faces appear from the rain, although perhaps not unknown to them all.

Gaheris raises a hand in greeting but in silence. He is listening first, but his stance is one of a bashful intruder.

"Anyone tried scrying for her? I mean I suppose if she wards herself that might tell you nothing anyway. And if she is missing I'd assume that has been tried." Hildr wrinkles her nose at the news "Well, there can't be many Masters of Death in the city, is she known as one?" a glance given towards Lohengrin and his companion.

Keating smiles at Lohengrin. "Hail fellow, well met. If Cairn bears you no ill will, I shan't do either." Echoing the slight archaic english form. He extends a hand to him. "I'm Keating."

Cairn smiles genuinely to Lohengrin after it is indeed him, a slight bow given to the Obrimos, "It's been awhile. It's good to see you old friend." she tells him in a soft tone. Lohengrin already knew the deal with her voice. There's a wave to Gaheris as well, "Welcome and well met." she tells the other man. "All are friend so you can talk freely if you like." she states to the two newcomers and the group that's been here. To relieve any worries for the moment. There's a bit of a smile to Keating, "I owe him a fight..other than that there's no ill will on my end." she tells him. Then to Hildr, "I've been in contact with a ghost that she has. His name is Sean and is supposed to be delivering a message. So I'm waiting for it." she tells the other Moros.

"I am Lohengrin." He tells to all. "From Wales originally but here to fight the good fight. I cannot speak for the gentleman here and so I will let him stand on his own name." He smiles, stepping aside to indicate Gaheris.

Gaheris says, "I am Gaheris." He looks around at the assembled group. "I'm from London. Came up just the other day. I heard you talking about ghosts. Were they at that club party?"

"Have you tried summoning him?" Hildr says simply, casting a brief look to Lohengrin again as he introduces himself and then to Gaheris, but seems in general not too interested in introductions. "If he can't answer your call you'll know he's caught up somewhere and you won't be getting it anytime soon anyway."

Keating cocks his head when Lohengrin speaks his name, "A Knight of the Holy Grail is amongst us, I will not ask for your true name, lest you must return to the Holy Isle." He turns to Gaheris, "And a Knight of the Round Table. Well met fellows." on the current subject he says "I can ask others of my Order if they've heard anything about either subject, I think you have the most current info though."

The Indian raises his hand and says, "Lacrosse, Legionnaire of the Thistle, Questor of the evasive bumbershoot." perhaps explaining a bit how he ended up utterly drenched, despite the protective arc of fabric above his head.

Keating throws Lacrosse an inquiring look. "Lax is the abbreviated version?"

"I called him out of the house when we first met. I should probably just go back. He said that she had regular visitor and I'm sure if she was dead he wouldn't be hanging around still." Cairn tells Hildr in a strained voice as she brings a hand up to her throat. She takes a moment and then looks back to Lohengrin and then Gaheris, "Nice to meet you and welcome to Edinburgh." she offers quietly. "I'm Cairn, Necromancer and First Talon of the Steel Legion." she offers.

Keating says, "and before I get ahead of myself or leave others wondering, I belong to the Guardians of the Veil and am also newly arrived here in Edinburgh, from Bergen."

"Right." Hildr, scratches her cheek idly "Well, my break is only so long I need to get back." casting a brief look at the others before adding "Hildr, Morosi, Steel Legion." in a tone lacking much fire. "Cairn, you should have my number somewhere. Whenever this going back business happens give me a call."

Gaheris gives Keating a surprised glance but then he buries it in a stare at Hildr's feet.

"Lax is the slang term that Lacrosse players use amongst themselves. It fits better when at the Fringe, since Dextra shortens to a half dozen nicknames that end in X."

Cairn nods to Hildr, "I've got it somewhere and I'll let you know." she tells the other Moros before she is setting off to leave. She also offers a goodbye to Karl as to Cairn he's as much a part of the conversation as anyone else. "Be safe in your travels you two." she tells them before she looks back to the others that are gathered there. "We can move to a more comfortable spot if needed. It's pouring rain and Gaheris seems to be like me and lacking an umbrella." she tells them.

"Well, as we're getting a little more familiar, I am a thearc of Anglesey and a bearer of the golden key." Less formal than Lohengrin might otherwise put forward.. but then this is a cemetary. "But.. if you'll all excuse me. I am on a bit of a task you see. Rain nor shine.." He holds a hand out from under his umbrella into the wet. "Cairn, I will be in touch."

Keating shifts his posture a bit, nods to Hildr "Good to see you", to Lohengrin: "Was a pleasure to meet you." The he turns more fully towards Lacrosse. "Just wanted to be sure. I haven't received a nickname from Dextra yet, but back home... Altering someone's name, however casually and friendly, could easily be taken as very rude or at the very least condescending." He looks a bit pensive "The names we have are those we have chosen." Then shrug and a dismissal of his own seriousness. "But I suppose she means no harm."

It's raining heavily. A small gathering is forming under one of the stone archways in the Kirk. The evening is quiet, almost unnaturally so, the rain and dark swallowing most sounds. Under the archway though, there is conversation and noise.

Epikoros strolls down the Grassmarket lane, toadstooled by an umbrella, lost in thought. He's been thrown in a bit of a loop by an earlier conversation about the metaphysics of the city, and has been considering some of the things he's been told in the halls of the Silver Ladder. So swept away by contemplation and the sound of the rain is Epikoros, that he is almost upon the archway before he notices that anyone is there. He startles briefly, then recognizes that these are familiar faces.

"Oh, hello there. Have I been missing some sort of meeting?"

"She had nothing to do with the granting of my nickname. If I didn't wish to respond to it, I wouldn't have offered it forward." Lax clarifies, waving to the departing obrimos and moros, but being unaware of the not entirely departed Karl, accidentally snubs the ghost.

Gaheris has been soaked to the skin and keeps staring at the ground while listening to the others.

When Lohengrin departs there's a bit of warmth that vanishes from Cairn but she smiles nonetheless as she watches him leave. Then she shakes herself a bit and looks back to the gathered. "Looks like it's getting to be a smaller crowd." she rasps out to the gathered. She then looks to Gaheris and offers him a spot under the archway, "It'll at least keep you dry for the moment." she tells him. Then Epikoros is seen and that seems to bring her back to at least a semblance of being talkative. "Greyfriars has been the hip spot tonight." she offers to her Heartmaster. "It helps that I work here." she adds with a little smile.

Keating makes a gesture with both hands, seeking to dismiss any accusation that he had made "Oh, I understood that. There's also a difference between freely offered nicknames and renaming someone else." He takes a different tack "And hey, when working at a bar or cafe, time is short so it's probably just a practical matter." He smiles warmly at Epikoros. "We just lost a Knight and a Valkyrie from our gathering, but now we've been the joined by a philosopher. The night is young."

Epikoros smiles at the welcoming comments. "I hope I haven't shifted the tenor of the gathering -too- much. What are you all doing out in the rain?"

"I was simply chasing my umbrella. It decided a tumble through the graveyard was more to its liking that keeping my head dry." Lacrosse explains, gesturing to Cairn and Keating who were there before him. "They were here when I caught up with it."

Gaheris says, "I simply noted a bunch of people standing in a graveyard in the rain at 3:00 a.m. I'm a curious fellow." He smiles. "I'm glad I came though."

Epikoros shifts his attention to Gaheris as the other man speaks. "Pardon me, but you look familiar and I don't think I can place your name. Have we met before?"

Cairn pulls her hood up and casts another look around and there's a baring of teeth at something and she shoos something unseen with her hands, "Not in the mood tonight." she grumps quietly to the shadow that moves across the ground..and then moves away from the group. She does shift her posture to a more protective one though while there's others about. Then she looks to Epikoros, "You didn't change the tenor of anything." she tells him with a smile.

Gaheris says, "We met in London, I believe. I've seen you around the Consilium. Nice to see you up here in Edinburgh."

Epikoros has a moment of realization. "Ah, of course! My apologies; there are so many faces in London, such a large Consilium, quite difficult to keep track of everyone. I'm Epikoros, by the way. Glad you made it to our fair city."

Gaheris says, "I go where I'm needed, but thank you for that." He glances around. "I am guessing that not all of you are from Londinium?"

Keating has been watching Gaheris throughout the exchange. "Not quite, I am from Bergen myself." He turns his head towards Epikoros "His name is Gaheris, a fellow member of my order I believe." He returns his scrutiny to Gaheris "Unless I'm mistaken?"

Lacrosse shakes his head, "Lone Star for myself. Hard to research the origins of the Steel Legion from the middle of the southwest United States. Of course, someone's decided that I'm more useful as an investigator than a historian, so I end up being slimed by ectoplasm traps or moshed into while scrutinizing curious behavior."

Cairn shakes her head as she pulls out her flask and takes a sip from it. It gets capped and then goes back into her pocket, "I'm from Bergen. Got here in September." she tells Gaheris. "But I'm from here originally. Went to Bergen after some things happened." she tells them.

"Always nice to get away after things happen," remarks Epikoros casually. "Major technique in dealing with trauma, getting a change of scenery. The more you get away from familiar details, the more you distract yourself from dwelling on things, the more you avoid retraumatization from connected memories." He's lapsed into professorial mode, discoursing on a faraway topic, then he catches himself and stops it.

Gaheris just looks at Keating. "No. No, you are not mistaken. MI-11." He turns the conversation quickly to Lacrosse and Cairn. "That's great. I've never been to either Norway or the Americas."

Keating shrugs casually, "thought so." He glances upward and tilts his umbrella a bit to the side, "rains seems to be tapering off" he remarks as he folds down the umbrella, then he looks back at Gaheris. "What brought you to Edinburgh? Hopefully not something traumatic." His tone is very neutral.

"It is strange being so close to everything around here. As if the builtings all were afraid of spreading out too far for want of safety in numbers." Lax comments, coming from wider open expanses, or forested areas where yards were more than just a patch of green between the stoop and the fence.

"Norway is quite beautiful..but this is home." Cairn tells Gaheris with a ghost of a smile. She looks up to the sky and there's a bit of a nod to Keating, "So it is. It's a good sign." she tells him.

Gaheris says, "I heard you talking about the ghosts at the party the other night. I missed it. Could you recount what you saw, if it ain't too much trouble?"

Keating narrows his eyes at Gaheris, the abruptly breaks into a grin at Lacrosse's comment. "I can only imagine the difference. You'd find a lot of Norway more familiar." The grin fades after a moment and he waits for someone to answer Gaheris' question. He doesn't stare at Gaheris as such, but he doesn't hide that he is more focused on him than on others in the conversation.

Lacrosse shakes his head but smiles at Gaheris, "You must have heard Hildr. I had recounted what Cairn had told me, but the facts were more that while ghosts might cause the behavior, it was on too large a scale."

Cairn rubs her tattooed fingers across her throat as she feels another round of talking coming on, there is a look spared to Epikoros for a moment and then she nods to what Lacrosse states, "If it was a mass haunting I would have seen or sensed something. That many ghosts in one place would have been a mix of different abilities as it is. I don't think there was any possessions from ghosts or anything in my professional opinion." she tells Gaheris. "I'd bet it was a spirit..or something we've not dealt with." she rasps out.

Keating is reacting to something in Gaheris behavior. The fact that he didn't volunteer his name to Epikoros. The fact that he is steering the conversation away from him. Might be he is reacting to a perceived challenge or making a challenge of some kind, seeing as they are both Guardians.

Gaheris says, "Oh. Was it just dealing with you or was it messing with the other party goers?"

"Thank you, Cairn," Epikoros ventures, knowing how difficult it is for her to speak so many words in a row. "For what it may be worth, I think spirits are the most likely theory, at least in my mind. I have a few notions to follow up with," he looks to Keating, trying to get a sense of his trust of the local group, "but I don't have very much to show at this time. Thought I'd take a walk, to clear my head."

"The effect I studied was one without any factors we normally impose in our workings. It had no arcana, nor identity of a caster. All that I could glean from it was its resonance of abandon/indulgence." Lax repeats for Gaheris' benefit. He's not frustrated by the act, but might be sounding like a record skipping to others. "It wasn't targeted so much as encompassing the entire area, though it seems it did not affect us so much as it did the sleepers. That might be due to exposure over time, or merely our enlightenment buffering us somewhat."

Keating nods to Lacrosse's words. "Walking the paths makes us more resistant, at least to casual mind control or influence. If you return to the scene, I'd like to come along, though like I said earlier, I don't want to butt in." There a glance at Gaheris on the last two words, but no obvious inflection.

Gaheris glances over at Keating for a moment. "I think I have some things to do. It was nice meeting you all. I hope to see you in the coming days." He will head off through the rain.

Cairn offers a smile to Epikoros and a slight bow, then she watches Gaheris leave and then the woman looks back to the other men, "We suddenly turned into Grand Central Station for the Awakened tonight." she laughs.

"When it rains," Epikoros gestures at the downpour beyond the arch, "it pours."

"The seat of power is to change soon, the solidity of matter that Urien has brought to the Consilium is beginning to loosen. We're just the fresh blood that's slipping in the cracks." Lax offers to the group.

Epikoros says, "That's not the least bit figurative, is it?" He takes a moment to consider. "What does that mean for the city, really?""

Keating rests his eyes on Gaheris as he turns to leave. "Until later, Gaheris." He glances upwards and unfolds his umbrella again. "It appears to be letting loose again, yeah." He looks at Cairn "I hope this doesn't negate our good fortune." At Lacrosse's analysis he grimaces a bit "That's a grim image."

Cairn seems to give Lacrosse a look of..is it anger or something else, "Urien is a solid individual..I'd hope that whoever steps into his shoes will do at least half the strengthening that he has." she grits out. Seemed the Moros didn't want to think about Urien not being in power. She then nods to Keating and the rest of them.

Epikoros has some questions about the succession of leadership in the city, but can see that this might be an uncomfortable topic for whatever reason, and pivots. "On the subject of power in the city, what does a man have to do to find some mana around here?"

"I didn't say that he wasn't, Cairn. Just that the seat is soon to change." Lacrosse seems confused as to how poorly his symbolism went over.

Keating purses his lips. "I think the next seat is Prime, so the next Hierarch will be... Lieu, right?" He cocks his head at Lacrosse "The image of us as blood seeping through the cracks... it implies that blood will be spilled. Blood is life, when life seeps away..." He trails of, leaving the conclusions of the image that he found grim to the imagination of others.

Cairn just falls into her normal silence for the moment. She was done with straining her voice for the moment and there's a shake of her head as she looks to Lacrosse. Then back to the graveyard before she takes the flask out and takes another strong pull from it.

Lacrosse folds up his umbrella, hanging it over an arm before signing something to Cairn, taking care with the motions of his hands. "I think I've put my foot in my mouth enough to night. Nice to meet you Keating. Epikoros, Mariner is trying to get a token into the club so he can scry upon it. I suggested he work with you so that you both might, since you can check for a spiritual culprit through that link. I think Wulfdun was going to try planting it, but when was left up in the air."

Keating has a bit of concern on his face as he looks at Cairn. "Perhaps we should... continue this talk later? It is a quarter past 3 after all." He smiles at Lacrosse "I think we all understand that you meant no insult to Urien, you've made it clear... and that does sound like a good plan" The yawn that follows is genuine.

"Interesting idea," offers Epikoros. "He's trying to keep his distance from the club? Whatever we saw there seemed more mischievous than dangerous."

Lacrosse whispers "I meant only that as the seat of power changes, so too must Edinburgh. As the seat of Matter represents solidity, by contrast anything else is less so. I intended no insult to our commander."

Cairn's face sobers for the moment and there's a quick exchange of sign with the Native American man. She nods to him finally and there's a bit of a smile that creeps up. Then she looks to Keating and Epikoros, "Yes..it's late and I have to lock the gates. So best that we all start departing for the night." she tells them as she starts pulling out a set of keys.

You whisper "I know..I'm just touchy this evening and the Urien subject I've been avoiding." to Lacrosse.

Epikoros says, "You're right; it is getting rather late. I'm glad I ran into you all tonight; this was nice."

"I'm unsure why he's not wanting to place the token himself. Or why he thinks a pipe taped to the ceiling will be unobtrusive. But then, he is Lumen." Lax offers with a shrug, though another bit of sign is directed to the Moros. He limbers his umbrella and offers a bow of the head to the nascent cabal trio. "Good evening to you all."

Lacrosse whispers "I will listen if you wish to talk about it, otherwise I will keep my tongue."

Keating turns to Epikoros, "Walk me to the bus-stop?" He makes a gesture to the others, making to tip an invisible hat. "Be safe and fair thee well, for the night is a strange mistress" It has the air of being a quote from... somewhere. "Oh, and by the way Cairn, I sent you and Epikoros some suggestions for a flat, give it a look if you please." He turns towards the gates, waiting for Epikoros if he's coming and then starts walking away.

"Sure, we're going the same direction. I should have some time to check out the flat tomorrow, I'll give you both a text and see if you're available to check it out together."

Cairn nods to her cabalmates, "I'll be about tomorrow." she tells them and there's a bit of signing to Lacrosse before she heads up towards the main gates to close down shop for the evening. Humming a bit of a sad tune as she wanders off into the darkness.

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