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Getting a Tattoo

Addison and Tinker
15:43:31 on Sat Nov 27 2010

Tinker sits at his normal booth with a beer next to his laptop. The laptop is made out of what looks like a old typewriter and is well taken care of. The keyboard and the back of it is totally steampunked out. He types quickly on it with a huge smile on his face his chrome mouse is plugged in next to the laptop and he sighs softly and takes a long sip of his beer. He then bobs his head to the music as he keeps on working totally immersed in his project of the moment. The man's goggles sit next to him on the table and his top hat is next to that as well. He has 2 beers already killed off behind the monitor and a huge grin on his face.

The bar has been pretty busy all night, and with so many people it's harder to notice one person, even when she's bald and has horns. Addison has gotten a few looks from the people at the bar, but otherwise she's just one of the crowd (and not much weirder than the girl with pink hair on the other side of the room). The Thyrsus has been investigating the breadth of Scottish beers available at the pub, so when she orders her seventh beer, the bartender threatens to cut her off. There's a small pulse of magic as Addison stands up and looks the bartender straight in the eye. "Do I look drunk to you?" she asks, loudly. "I have a little thing called stamina. It takes a lot to get me tipsy. I'll decide when I've had enough." After studying Addison for several moments, the bartender capitulates and gets her another drink.

Tinker looks up at the tingle of magic in the room and shakes his head softly with a huge grin."Christ some people just love to fight! But at least it's passion unlike the rest of the world." He looks at the bartender and nods at him with a grin the now famous nod of this persons tab is on me and you know I be good for it. He sighs and grabs another beer and points to the man in the booth with a finger and hands her the beer quickly. He then grins at her a flash her a thumbs up and then goes back to work on his puter lost again in the world of numbers or pictures or whatever the hell he is working on. He takes another long pull on his beer and sighs truly happily with the world.

Addison sits back down and drinks her beer. After a few minutes, she takes her bottle and walks over to the booth indicated. She waits until he's not listening to anything, then asks, "You call that fighting?"

Tinker shakes his head softly and grins up at her."Nah just wanted the interest of one that looks like a true bad ass. Sit and join me the drinks will be on me all night. My name is Tinker." He slams the laptop shut with the quick movement of his elbow quickly and then rests his hands on it looking at the girl."I like the tattoos and I love the horns. I just didn't think of better why besides insults and free drinks to get you here. I myself have been looking to get pierced and a tattoo on my back but have yet to find a good artist." He looks up at her with soft green eyes sparkling with amusement inside.

Addison sits down with her beer and smiles at Tinker. Admiration will get you everywhere with the body mod crowd. "Addison. I'm new in town, so I'm not much help for finding a tattoo parlor. I'm an artist myself, so I will get to know everybody in the body mod scene eventually; I just haven't had time. I do know a few places where you could ask around about good artists, though."

Tinker nods softly and looks at her a huge grin."Well I love the work been wanting to get some myself just of the old fashion style. I do adore the Victorian age myself. No idea what yet though." He takes another sip of his beer and looks at the girl with a grin."I myself I'm also an artist but I build things." With a flick of his fingers a card appears and he hands it to the girl it reads in Gothic lettering "Tinker" under that in a Victorian hand written ink appearance The Emporium of Wonder. On the back of the card is a grinning skull dressed up like a jester."I build anything and everything for those that want it .I can build motorcycles all the way to computers programs to wooden toy trucks that work. I build it's the passion that drives my soul ever need work gimme a call. So what type of artist are thee?" He grins at her his Irish accent tickling the words in ways that are very playful giving off the energy of this young inventor.

"Isn't it obvious?" Addison holds up her right hand, palm facing her, so that Tinker can see the tattoo of a clawed hand on the back of her real hand. "Body modification. I do tattoos, implants, piercing and scarification, mainly. I've never had the chance to stretch anybody's neck or do serious changes - I leave that to the plastic surgeons."

Tinker smiles softly and then nods softly to her."You never know I might enjoy the pain." He winks at her playfully."Maybe I just look like a dandy. Maybe under this little vest I be a mainly man." He then looks at her in the eye."I'm a farm boy from the backwoods of Ireland. I would love to do it old fashion it's the best way in the world. What would that involve." He is deadly serious his eyes lighting up at the idea of an adventure his beer now forgotten next to him at the idea of doing this totally in his head now.

"Me stabbing you with a needle that's about twice the size and much less smooth than a professional needle." Addison answers. She doesn't sugarcoat it. "It wouldn't cause bleeding, but that little added size and roughness adds a lot of pain. Tribal cultures do it to help themselves handle pain, and also because they don't know any other way. Most modern people couldn't stand it." The way she talks about most modern people seems to exclude herself.

Tinker nods softly and rises up from the table."Well I wish to see how far I can handle pain. I have a place near by where we can do it. It's my place I want to do this. I want a tribal mark of some sort on right wrist."He holds it up for her."I want to push myself. One can truly never be whole or new without pushing yourself and the will of the universe is telling me this is the next step for me to do it." He looks at her in the eye with deadly silence and waits for her answer his eyes burn with the passion of a man driven to push himself to the limits no matter what anyone says.

Tinker opens the door and starts to spread out a tarp on the ground he uses for building puters and other things to not get any oil on the ground. He then takes a soft sigh as he moves a chair over to the tarp and plops down in it and starts to unbutton his vest. He then quickly slides his white work shirt off his head and exposes his chest covered in scars and old wounds from fights back in the old times and accidents in the art of building. He grins up at the girl and holds up his right wrist. "I was thinking something of the old Celtic tribes. I'am truly attached to them. It is where I went to school after all. Where I truly became a man so to speak. Now is this trap going to be enough for the blood or won't their be any." He waits for her to make her move.

Addison took less than an hour to ride her bike back to her hotel room and return with a backpack full of tools to meet Tinker at his place. She inspects Tinker's apartment as she enters. "You won't bleed at all if I do this right. The tarp is likely not at all sanitary, though. But I prepared for that." In no time, Addison has her backpack off and is pulling out a spray bottle of bleach.

Tinker nods softly and looks at her relaxing with a soft grin."I think this is going to be amazing. So how did you get into this long of work?" He waits for her to get the show started enjoying the girl's readiness and prep for this knowing he picked the right person. He then takes out a cig with a quick flick of his fingers and lights it with one quick flick of a match."Want a fag?"

"I was called to it." Addison sprays the tarp and the outside of her backpack with bleach, then pulls a disposable towel out of her bag and wipes it all down to spread out the bleach and dry it up. "Thanks, but no thanks. I've always been an artist, and making tattoos was a natural extension of getting them." She gets up, steps into the bathroom, throws the towel away and washes her hands thoroughly. When she returns, she sets a towel down on the tarp, kneels on it, and sets another towel down nearby. "You must be very certain of what you desire. It will hurt you and it will be permanent, so make it worthwhile."

Tinker nods softly and looks at her with a grin."I want a Celtic Triskelion. DO you know what this?" He looks at her carefully and offers his right wrist quickly not scared at all ready for the pain with all of his heart."If you don't know that book over there will have one." He points to a book next to his reading chair with a Celtic knot on the cover."It's good for learning about region one of my other passions in life." He waits for her to answer with his arm still extended.

Addison gets up to study the design, then returns to her kneeling position and gets out a box of disposable rubber gloves, a felt-tip pen, and an old, wooden box. She puts on the rubber gloves, then takes up the felt-tip and begins to draw on Tinker's wrist. It's not precisely the shape indicated, but rather a set of guide lines, with marks indicating where to stop and how to shade it. "This will all wash off in a day or two." Once that's done, Addison settles into a sitting position and places another towel over her right knee. "Set your wrist down on my knee."

Tinker nods softly and hands her the wrist with slowly and takes a deep breath getting ready for the feel of the needle on his skin."Thank you for letting me push myself beyond what I have before." With that he falls totally silent and watches the girl with intent eyes getting ready to feel what may happen next no sure what is going to happen.

Addison decants a small amount of ink into a disposable plastic cup, dips the tip of the bone needle into it, and bends over Tinker's wrist. She takes a deep breath, lets it out, and then starts tapping. It is, as promised, very painful. The composition of the bone makes the needle microscopically rough, and Tinker's nerves protest with every tap. The Thyrsus takes her time at first, feeling out the texture of Tinker's skin and the curvature of the design.

Tinker bites his lip sharply and keeps his eyes tightly sealed feeling the pain in honor of his ways. He doesn't let out a yelp or a scream nothing more then a soft whimper when the needle first goes into his skin. He doesn't move the hand his head ringing with the feel of the needle. He just ride the pain totally feeling it enjoying the nerves and the explosion not in a true way but enjoying how it reminds him that he is alive.

After what seems like forever, Addison reaches the center of the triskelion and moves to the next arm. She speeds up a little now that she's familiar with the pattern and the texture of Tinker's flesh, and before long, she's back to the center and starting on the third arm. When that's finished, she does the other side of the first arm and comes back to where she began. She lifts the sticks away from Tinker's arm and comments, "Let it rest for a moment. Breathe through the pain. I still have to fill the outline, but it should be less painful now that you've experienced it.

Tinker nods softly trying to catch his breath as the pain had rocked him to his soul but he did not let out a peep the whole time."That..............was......................not......................so..................bad." He grunts out with a grin through his labored breaths trying to catch it he opens his eyes now and looks down at his wrist with a soft smile. He grins at her and then nods to her knowing there is more work to be done and closes his eyes again to try and ride the pain to truly know once again he is alive.

Addison gives Tinker a moment to catch his breath, then starts in on the tattoo again. The pain from the outline has barely begun to fade when new pain replaces it. Addison has less distance to cover, but a wider area, and since the outline is done she covers it very quickly. When she's done, Addison lifts her tools away and rocks back. "There. The tattoo looks bigger and clumsier now than it will. That's because some of the ink has bled into the outer layer of skin. The area will be red and sore for a few days, while your outer skin flakes away. Then the lines of the tattoo will look thin and crisp, and the guidelines I drew will all be gone."

Tinker nods to her with a soft grin and looks at her."Hey what do I owe you for the tattoo." He looks at her warmly and seems to have clicked back into reality now that the work is done. He lights cig with his right hand letting the other one rest and takes a long drag on it.

"Ten quid." Addison takes off her gloves and puts on new ones, then wipes Tinker's wrist down with another alcohol wipe to clean the tattoo and the area around it. She draws another package from her bag which turns out to hold clear plastic bandage-like things. "These wraps will breathe pretty well, which will let you heal, but it means that they're not impenetrable. Don't go sticking your wrist into raw meat. Making a hamburger with that hand won't hurt anything as long as you wash up well."

Tinker nods softly and takes out his wallet and hands the woman the money."It was a pleasure meeting you Addison. Thanx for the work." He winks at her and then gets up quickly."I';ll be sending people your way if they want any work." He nods softly and grins."I better hit the hay have a long day tommrow of work and the shop opens soon need to stock it." He nods softly and then takes another drag on his cig."Have a wonderful night."

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