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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Loopy Lorna's

A staple of Morningside, Loopy Lorna’s split personality lies in bakery’s interior design as much as its products. The bistro is the loopy, bolding proclaiming “My kingdom for a cake.” Visitors enter a cream tiled isle, dotted with trademark chocolate-brown, tables that faces the kitchen. Twelve kinds of cakes pirouette on glass display cases to tempt even the stoutest soul, and a changing variety of yummy and scrummy things placed on white plates beckon; chocolate mousse tarts, raspberry swizzled madeleines, maybe a fat coconut lime cupcake. Crowds haunt the entrance and small terrace from open til close or until the desserts run out, a cross-section of society pulled together. Parents with children stand behind businessmen and wild-haired students, tourists filing in along with elderly residents.

Wood paneled walls and arched sky-blue ceilings immaculate dessert are the peak of soothing sophistication. Ladies who lunch take power afternoon teas on the leather sofas, a legion of neat suits and perfect coiffures orchestrating Edinburgh’s social functions over custom herbal blends. Civilized Betty pots and plates of sandwiches are laid out with exacting ease. Stools at wooden bars leave a place to eat a scone and read or browse the web in peace while the world spins on at a breakneck pace just outside.


Zone: Southside
Grid: E6
Concept: Bakery
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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