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Mage.png History: 2010

February 28: Rumours reach Bergen that the Silver Ladder are building an oil platform in the North Sea for Supernal purposes.

May 1: Trees begin whispering prophecies to the Thyrsus on Anglesey during Beltane Night. Dreams of a black dragon spur the Consilium to prepare and mobilize mages to send north.

June: The Seat of Death is relinquished to the Seat of Matter, and Urien assumes his second term as Hierarch. Time remains in descent.

June 24: Scandinavia's legendary prophetess, the Heiðr Vǫlva, trespasses on a Silver Ladder caucus meeting to speak dooms upon the Awakened of Bergen. The Steel Legion does not bar her from passage, raising questions if they knew in advance. Over a dozen mages reveal signs of new Destiny.

July 10: Lumen Society mages across Europe receive encrypted messages inviting them to Edinburgh to break the Pax Alba and wage war on the Lie itself.

October 1: Urien refuses to permit a research party from Dallas to investigate unusual "arcane phenomena" in the Scottish Borders, precipitating a diplomatic crisis.

October 20: A string of mysterious thefts targets businesses in Cowgate. Despite increased security measures, no sign of a perpetrator or forced entry is found.

November 10: An outbreak of African swine fever causes mass culls in the Scottish Borders. Shortages of bacon and pork products are recorded across Scotland.

November 17: The recall of pork products widens and hog slaughters mount. Officials insist that food products are safe.

November 25: 25 employees are let go from Cross-Country Rail. A spike in thefts and luggage tampering is reported among newcomers to the Royal Society.

November 27: The Silver Ladder goes on damage control to protect Member of Scottish Parliament, Willie Tavish, from accusations he used escort services.

December 12: Mages investigating the African swine fever outbreak discover that "OFIP11-2" is far more serious than it looks.

December 16: One of the more exciting aspects of Hogmanay appears in Grassmarket. A vast (at least 7 meters long) wicker stag has been put up in a sectioned off area for viewing prior to the burning during the festival.

December 22: Newly arrived mages from Dallas fall ill with a persistent, mysterious sickness after their arrival in Edinburgh.

December 30: The Thyrsus Councilor rescues a Texan mage, Jackalope, from immolation in a burning longship offered to the spirits during the Torchlit Procession.
 Fellows offering tokens to the sacrificial longship sustain the allied spirit courts for another season.

December 31: A malevolent entity drawn to the purified leylines assaults a party of Obrimos and Silver Ladder mages performing the Fire in the Earth ritual. Ywain maintains the ritual as Invidia and Lohengrin are attacked.

 Frivolity at the ceilidh concerts reaches a fever pitch as audience members shuck their clothes in freezing weather to dance in the street.

 Maxwell notifies certain mages regarding a suspected pattern of disappearances in the west side of the city.

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