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Mage.png History: 2011

January 1: Rumours spread of a dark bird that cursed the mages participating in the leyline cleansing.
 A freak fireworks accident in Currie sent four people to hospital and cost £3,500 in damages.

January 3: Members of MI-11 endure a suffocating, dreamless slumber and awake with shortness of breath.

January 4: Disgraced Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) for mid-Scotland and Fife, Willie Tavish, resigns after an escort scandal. The Silver Ladder is incensed.

January 8: Two new cases of "Liberton Virus" were quarantined at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Attempts to keep the news hushed up are thwarted by an information breach to the media.

January 12: An elderly woman, 73, is reported missing in the Murrayfield area, raising suspicions among the Guardians of the Veil.

January 14: The Wise Club announces their plans to host a Robbie Burns Night Supper with a twist. All Fellows are invited.

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