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Description of the Cambions forthcoming.

  • Name: Cambions
  • Nickname: The Fallen Tower
  • Primary Arcana: Space
  • Parent Path: Mastigos
  • Members: None known


1st Attainment: Eyes of Merlin
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Space 2, Time 1, Subterfuge 3
The reputation of the Fallen Tower is built upon their ability to far-see. Unlike prophets and seers of the Lunargent Path, the mage learns to read the eldritch patterns between people, objects, and places to determine what may come. His far-sight is similar to the "Scrying" spell (MtA p. 235), except that "Eye of the Merlin" uses Intelligence + Investigation + Space. Penalties for sympathetic connections are reduced by one step to a minimum of Known.

Affections or loathing cloud the Cambion's far-sight, blinding him to determining how those threads intersect with him and others. He cannot use his Attainment against anyone he holds an Intimate or greater connection with, including his familiar or a mortal enemy. As a result, Cambions rely heavily on subterfuge and trickery to avoid establishing strong relationships with those around them.

2nd Attainment: Llen Arthyr
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Space 3
The Welsh triads claim the legendary Llen Arthyr, the mantle of King Arthur, rendered a man invisible to others while still able to see all. The Cambion metaphorically adopts a mantle of invisibility among his fellows by destroying his sympathetic connection to a place, person or object, as the Space spell "Destroy the Threads" (MtA p. 237). This attainment functions as an instant action with a number of successes equal to his Space dots. Each success achieved on the activation reduces one degree of sympathetic connection that he holds towards a single location, object or individual per the Sympathetic Connections chart (MtA p. 114-5).

A sympathetic connection remains destroyed until re-established in the normal fashion (e.g., through physical contact or emotional association). Persistent sympathetic connections, such as those between a parent and child or a person and their foot, are re-established within 24 hours.

The Cambion's ban against affecting his closest and dearest affect him more strongly as a curse of his far-sight. He cannot cut his own threads to those of his blood or any Intimate connection with this Attainment, although the subject suffers no limitation in doing so against him.

Optional Attainment: Time 3
The Cambion's ability to perceive the odds around him also grants him limited insight into his own immediate future. If he is also a Disciple of Time, he can look forward a few seconds into the future and see the results of his actions in the same way as the Time 3 spell "Shifting Sands" (MtA p. 263). Doing so costs a point of Mana. He must use this effect anytime in the Initiative roster from when he performed the action he wishes to redo and his place in the roster in the next turn.

Tampering with the flow of time clouds the Cambion's far-sight and weakens him with dizzying, conflicting visions. He can use this ability once per moon cycle. If he tries to use it multiple times, he must spend a point of Willpower and an additional point of Mana each time. All consequences suffered through replayed turns are carried through.

3rd Attainment: Beguiling Entrapment
Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Space 4

By the time he reaches the pinnacle of achievement, the Fallen Tower has developed his far-sight and understanding of spatial nature so well that he can thwart a subject's most likely actions. He can anticipate a Seer will most likely rely on a particular mortal agent or that their plot must revolve around a particular gun. He can choose to intercede at a critical moment by freezing sympathies in place as he has ordained.

This Attainment works like the Space 4 spell "Suspension" (MtA p. 240) with the same contested roll of Gnosis + Space versus the subject's Composure + Gnosis. The effect is Transitory, but an ensnared object or subject appears frozen in place. A living subject is stilled by the raw force of the Cambion's glare, seeing in his eyes a glimpse of madness or yawning void of Pandemonium.

Beguiling Entrapment cannot be used against those with whom the Cambion holds an Intimate or closer sympathetic connection.

Optional Attainment: Time 4
The most feared of the Fallen Tower were said to stop the greatest of champions and noblest of lords with a few choice words. Lost Awakened history reduced the myths to ghostly echoes, but a Cambion with Adepthood in Time bears witness to a hellish legacy. When he uses Beguiling Enchantment upon a subject, the Cambion can unleash a verbal prophecy about her that shakes her to the core. In effect, his invocation momentarily freezes the subject in place.

This works exactly like the Time 4 spell "Prophecy" (MtA p. 264) and the questions must pertain to the subject of the Attainment. His sudden awareness is a vague but pointed statement that may be used at the ST's discretion. This ability never applies to his Intimate connections.

RP Hooks
  • British legend has long held that Myrddin (Merlin) was a Cambion, and he inherited the secrets of the Legacy from his infernal heritage.
  • Close relationships cloud a Cambion's vision to the great patterns of existence. Elder members of this Legacy teach their students of Nimue's betrayal to illustrate the danger of blindness. When Myrddin lost his heart to Nimue, he could no longer see her role in the skein of events. His misplaced trust led to his eternal imprisonment or death in Broceliande Forest.
  • Some say no member of the Fallen Tower can truly love or purely hate without losing his powers.
  • Fallen Tower mages can foresee patterns around them like the rumblings of a summer storm. Anglesey and Londinium lore claims a Cambion walking a battlefield under a black sky can petition Hell to sway the outcome of the struggle.

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