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Eleventh Question


A 19th-century Scottish philosopher, Lucy Caspian, coined the phrase "the Eleventh Question." She believed that, at their cores, each of the 10 Arcana supplied the answer to a single question. Space provided the answer to questions of location. Matter could determine or shape the composition of a material object. However, she knew that even the Arcana had their limits. Therefore, an Eleventh Question could provide answers beyond the scope of magic.

Caspian's cabal attempted to banish a ghost from its residence so that they could use the country manor as a new home. Incensed, and possessing a will and powers beyond most restless spirits, the ghost inhabited the bodies of each of the cabal in turn, using their mortal shells to murder another member of the cabal. The ghost then used the mages' own magic to complicate the murder scenes, making them impossible to solve, even by advanced magic.

A reclusive Guardian of the Veil arrived in Edinburgh, announced his intention to the Royal Society to solve the mystery after a string of failures, and proceeded with his investigation. For weeks, Fellows waited with baited breath and then finally washed their hands of a hope for an answer. No success was had. Then the ruling Seat of Time, an Acanthus Guardian, received a thick encoded volume containing the indisputable evidence and forensic methods for the murders.

The Legacy was realized by the middle of the 19th century among the Guardians of the Veil as they pieced together the methodologies and arcane talents of their forebear. The Eleventh Question continued to expand their repertoire, and their modern-day heirs continue on, answering the Eleventh Questions.

The Eleventh Questions are considered, at best, eccentrics and, at worst, outcasts by the rest of the Guardians of the Veil. Privately, more traditional Guardians deride the Sherlocks for unorthodox methods and an inattention to the priorities of the order. Guardians within the Royal Society take quiet pride in their homegrown Legacy and its stunning achievements in times of great duress.

The Sherlocks are driven to learn the truth at any cost, while the Guardians' primary focus is to keep the Atlantean mysteries a secret. The Legacy maintains that it also serves as true defenders of the ideals of the Visus Draconis. In Atlantean times, the Eyes of the Dragon protected Atlantis from the subtle threats other orders could not hope to comprehend, much less confront. Only by honing the mind to the degree that the Sherlocks do, are they able to face the threats that other mages (even other Guardians) cannot. Only their continued successes have kept the Eleventh Question alive in the finest tradition of a mundane faction bearing a hint of their Supernal power: Scotland Yard.



1st Attainment: The Unobvious Answer
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Time 2, Matter 1, Investigation 3, and one of the following Skills at 2+ dots: Academics, Larceny, Medicine, Occult, Science

2nd Attainment: The Chance Answer
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Time 3, one of the following Skills at 2+ dots: Academics, Larceny, Medicine, Occult, Science (in addition to the Skill chosen for the 1st Attainment)

3rd Attainment: Timely Answer
Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Time 4

RP Hooks
  • Was Scotland Yard the product of the Eleventh Question or was the Eleventh Question the product of a master of Scotland Yard? After a century of argument, the answer still remains unclear.
  • The MI-11 designation for the Order also holds echoes in the Eleventh Question's Legacy name. Is it coincidence the hidden military designation happens to be that sacred number?
  • No one is really sure who the founder of the Legacy is, and whether he is still alive. Neophyte Guardians love to endlessly speculate on his identity and whether he held ties to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • The Guardians of Edinburgh hold the Eleventh Codex in trust, and its contents hold myriad secrets that any Moros would be hungry to explore.

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