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Logo.jpg FAQ:New Character Questions
Getting Started
  • Q: Is it okay if I don't have the books?
A: Admins assume you have Mage: the Awakening core rulebook or at least have access to it. The core rulebook is essential for the spellcasting system at the very least. Our Links page can help you find a supplier.
  • Q: What isn't available to play?
A: We do not support PC banishers, Mad, Seers of the Throne, scelesti, left-handed legacies, or apostates. Sleepwalkers and proximi do not exist in our Mage theme.
  • Q: Can we play related mages?
A: Non-blood ties are fine. However, a disposition to Awakening and magical powers are not hereditary, so blood relations are not allowed.
A: They are the local names for the worldwide Orders. See their pages for the history of the different names.
  • Q: Can I use the theme in the AA/FC/Mysterium book?
A: General theme applies unless superceded with a few exceptions. For example, the Lumen Society joined the Diamond Orders at the foundation of the Royal Society, not 1899. Their supporters joined globally after the Great Refusal led by Edinburgh's Philologi.

Mage FAQs

Character Questions
  • Q: Can my mage come from Edinburgh?
A: You can originally come from Edinburgh as long as you were not trained by a mentor in the Royal Society. We strongly recommend you were trained in one of the four allied consilium cities.
  • Q: Can my character be trained in Glasgow?
A: No. Glasgow is effectively a vassal court of the Royal Society, so falls under the limits noted above.
  • Q: Help! I don't know what to play.
A: See our suggested concepts page for ideas.
  • Q: Do I have to start with a cabal?
A: It certainly helps, and admins will assist with forming or finding an open group or players with similar interests. Mage -- and especially Revelations -- is a cabal structured game.
  • Q: Can I have a connection to an existing NPC?
A: It's possible. Pitch your idea and let's see if we can work on it.
A: Yes. All positions are filled now to promote story and RP, but the NPC cast will change as plots do. Expect to see openings and opportunities if you are inclined.
  • Q: Do I need a mentor?
A: All mages have mentors regardless of dots in the Mentor merit. You need to give some background information about who trained you. You are recommended to have a mentor in your origin Consilium, as he or she likely provided the reason for you to come to Edinburgh. Your mentor will have a connection to the city, be it he trained here or she learned her Legacy from an NPC here. Mentors are plot hooks, instant RP connections with others from the same area, a source of information and scheming, RP catalysts, Legacy teachers, and essential for official introductions.
  • Q: Can I start with a Legacy out of CharGen?
A: No. However, you can be in the process of soulforging with a mentor who shares your future Legacy, but you will not be a recognized member or able to use any Attainments. Learning a Legacy from your mentor requires the Mentor merit.

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