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Getting Started

This FAQ section specifically covers questions about the allied Consilii, where most PC mages were trained before they came to Edinburgh.

  • Q: What are these cities mentioned for? How do they fit into the game?
A: We'd like most characters to be trained at one of four cities affiliated with Edinburgh and directly invested in the Royal Society's fate. Your mentor dispatched you to Edinburgh for a reason or may have had heavy sway bringing you in. You might not even know the full reason.
Selecting Anglesey, Bergen, Dallas (Texas) or London nets you benefits. You get built-in IC relationships to other characters, justification for coming, an immediate position on the turmoil, a common background, and lots of tension. You have a personal stake in the outcome and an important role to play.
  • Q: Do I have to come from one of the cities?
A: We highly encourage mages to come from Anglesey (Dublin and Wales), Bergen (Norway), London or Texas. Outsiders will be at a significant disadvantage in plot and status and take a -5 XP penalty.
  • Q: Does my mentor have to be the reason I'm here?
A: Not at all, but it's a very good reason. Other options are listed in our Quick Start guide.

Mage FAQs

Consilium Questions
  • Q: How are Dublin and Wales both in the Anglesey Consilium?
A: Ancient portals connect Dublin, Cardiff, and Swansea to an old, powerful stronghold on the island of Anglesey. They are unique for having a Consilium meeting site outside their cities.
  • Q: Did everyone in Anglesey hear the Prophecy of the Trees?
A: Only Thyrsus characters and certain druids heard the trees, but the news spread like wildfire.
  • Q: Why are mages from Bergen in Edinburgh?
A: They want to see what the Silver Ladder is building -- a tower, an artifact, the Ocean Spire? -- and make backup notes for their own similar project. If something happens, the knowledge could be critical to replicate the project or make sure an accident doesn't happen again. Also, when the most powerful prophet in Norse mythology shows up to tell you something? You do it.
A: The Consilium territory covers the whole state of Texas, and the Consilium meets in Dallas.
  • Q: Why would the Royal Society accept mages from Londonium if they're at odds?
A: The Royal Society and Londinium have a love-hate relationship like two siblings. Both are rivals and united as British mages. They disagree over matters, especially independence, and have different styles in just about everything, but woe betide anyone who tries to interfere. Londonium will be damned before an outside influence can mess around with their little sister, Edinburgh.
  • Q: Do London mages want to take over Edinburgh and replace everyone?
A: They want to stabilize the city and if that means putting in people favourable to Londinium, even better.

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