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Logo.jpg FAQ:Magic Questions
System Questions
  • Q: Do you use arcane experience?
A: No.
  • Q: How should we handle possible Wisdom loss?
A: All instances where Wisdom might be lost should be reported to staff via +job so appropriate rolls can be made.
Note: If your character or another PC claims to perform or have performed actions which would lead to a loss of Wisdom, like dragging a body to your cabal sanctum, you still need to roll Wisdom.
  • Q: How do I set up a sanctum?
A: Buy the Merit dots and apply them to an IC property.
  • Q: How easy are rotes, grimoires, and magical items to find?
A: For now, much of Edinburgh's arcane real estate is locked up or monitored. NPCs dispense rotes as currency or favours for job well done. That will change as chaos sets in.

Mage FAQs

Spellcasting Questions
  • Q: Can I create my own spells?
A: Yes, using the Creative Thaumaturgy rules.
  • Q: How do we track problems caused by Paradox?
A: Let the admins know about major backlashes and anomalies. Use the damage and mana commands to absorb Paradox or spend mana to mitigate Paradox.
  • Q: Is there special code for casting spells?
A: At this time, we use +roll.
  • Q: What's the difference between improvised spells and rote spells?
A: Rote spells have been codified and perfected in such a way they do not incur as much Paradox and they're easier to cast. From a system perspective, you can usually get a larger dice pool and apply your +1 rote bonus granted by your Order.
  • Q: Do I use the rote skill pools in the books?
A: No, we use a different system that gives Order mages a major advantage to casting rotes. Their +1 rote specialization bonus always applies.
  • Q: Can I learn a rote from anyone?
A: Orders use different styles to encode and pattern spells. You need at least one week per highest Arcana dot to translate a rote from another Order to yours.

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