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A city holds its collective breath for the impending doom and the Sword of Damocles hangs over the Royal Society. Edinburgh approaches a pivotal moment in history.

The City is destined.

Decades of stagnation creates an atmosphere of complacency between the renowned Magistrates and entrenched Seers. The status quo cannot hold against enormous external and internal pressures.

The City must change.

Magical real estate and priceless arcane resources are up for grabs for the first time in living memory. Favours await to be earned and ancient secrets unearthed... but the player characters aren’t the only ones attracted by the spoils.

The City holds opportunity.

Upheaval in the Supernal Realms sends ripples through the Fallen World. The Royal Society’s struggles against its enemies reflect the Oracles’ battles with the Exarchs. Can changes that begin in Edinburgh be made real in the Supernal?

As above, so below.

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