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The Painted Ones


Description of the Painted Ones forthcoming.



1st Attainment: Immunity to the Natural World
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Life 2, Survival 3
The druid's deep reverence for nature is felt by the living world around her, even the mighty forces above and fungi below. Hard rains soften and harsh winds blow gentler around her. Plants part where she goes, closing around her as she passes. Environmental conditions which would normally hinder others cause her no difficulty.

She ignores a -1 penalty caused by environmental conditions or the natural world equal to her Life dots, to a minimum of -1. Such conditions include penalties to perception due to fog or penalties to movement due to thick branches, ice, high winds, or rain. This only affects the druid, not any vehicle or companion she may have.

Optional Attainment: Matter 2
Druids handed down their knowledge through a largely oral culture, and even the great stonesmiths of Pictland and Dalriada never committed their most valuable knowledge in written language. With Matter 2, the Druid can imbue a short message in a standing stone littered about the landscape as an instant action. This ability acts like the Mind 2 spell "Voice from Afar" (MtA p. 210) except that the message is embedded in the very stone itself. She is limited to two words per dot of Matter she possesses. The message remains imprinted with a permanent duration until activated by another Druid or a mage with Matter or Spirit who attempts to speak to the standing stone.

2nd Attainment: Awaken the Wild
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Life 3
The Druid dwells in such harmony with the natural world that the very environment itself can be roused to her aid or defense. As long as she is in a vegetated area, the Attainment functions normally.

She gains a bonus equal to her Life dots for all rolls involving Perception, stealth or movement through the natural environment. Plants shift aside to help her see, and tree branches are steady under her boots if she tries to climb. Grasses flutter together to conceal her tracks, and soil rises softly to diminish the sounds of her passage.

Alternately the druid may attempt to invoke the same powers to hinder others in her vicinity. She loses the grace of the benefits above, but instead adverse conditions hamper the movement and perception of a single target. Treat her Life dots as successes. Each success inflicts a -1 penalties due to environmental conditions. A target's Speed is reduced by one additional point per success as well.

For example: Catriona is being pursued through Holyrood Park by a suspicious man she thinks might be a Seer. She whispers to the trees and brush to hinder him. Based on her Life dots, the target suffers a -3 environmental penalty to Perception and Stealth checks, and his Speed is reduced by 3. As he's stuck trying to wade through broom, Catriona dashes down to the road to flag down a car.

Optional Attainment: Matter 3
An ability to seemingly appear from thin air cemented the dread reputation of Britannia's native priesthood beyond the narrow sea. Legends speak false; it was never the mists or clouds who loved so well, but the sovereign earth itself. A Druid who attains disciple status in Matter learns the secrets to forge a powerful bond with bedrock and ancient soils, allowing her to pass through solid stone, earthen, or wooden walls to a depth of five feet per success on a Stamina + Matter check. They must be a continuous body and composed of the same material; she could breach the wall of a cavern, but not the wall of a house or a skyscraper because composite building materials are not homogeneous.

The passage can only be traveled by the Druid and any non-living material she can carry. As the Space spell "Portal" (MtA p. 238), this transit is instantaneous and the mage is expelled on the same plane she enters through the stone wall. If the depth or length exceeds what the Attainment permits, Awaken the Wild fails to function.

3rd Attainment: One with Nature
Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Life 4

The Druid is able to sustain her life force by melding with another living thing, whether an animal or a plant. The traditional forms are oak trees or deer. She effectively shapeshifts herself with an animal or plant host, but the target's sentient awareness is not destroyed in the process.

She rolls Strength + Animal Ken + Life, with penalties levied normally for Size as per the Life spell "Shapeshifting" (p. 190), and spends one point of Mana. She can meld with base or median life of a Size no less than half a human (Size 4) to more than two humans (Size 6), in effect anything between a dog to a black bear or a yew or young oak tree. She does not change her Physical attributes, and any gear she was holding is not consumed unless she has Matter 5.

Upon melding with a host, the Druid is still threatened by its natural instincts. When she faces an overwhelming inborn response (such as a deer's desire to flee from a dog or wolf), Composure + Resolve must be rolled reflexively for the mage to assert reason over his host's instincts. Failure means she acts out the instinctual response.

The effect has a duration of one scene. When it passes, the meld breaks and the Druid heals either 1 Aggravated damage; her Life dots in Lethal damage if she has no Aggravated; or all Bashing damage if she has taken no Lethal damage.

Optional Attainment: Matter 4
At time of greatest need, a Druid Adept of Matter can seek succor from Britannia. When using One with Nature, she instead melds into any patch of unworked stone wide enough to contain her body. She does not need to roll to activate the instant ability, but she must spend one point of Mana. Any gear she was holding is not melded unless she has Matter 5.

The Druid is absorbed into the bedrock in a state of semi-suspension, during which time she is locked in a trance-like state. The pocket around her contains enough oxygen to breathe but is otherwise completely dark. The melding has a duration of one scene, and she may return to where she originally disappeared from. She gains no healing effect like the Attainment above.

Nearly all Druids view use of this Attainment as a last resort, a mighty boon not to be requested lightly from Britannia. Enemies seeking a melded mage might do untold damage to the environment in search of her. Whispered stories tell of revocations of blessings and the earth refusing to absorb a Druid unworthy of such profound protection -- or worse yet, the criminal vanishing beneath the stone, never to be seen again.

RP Hooks
  • Broichan is the founder of the Painted Ones, one of the very few living people in Europe to have created a Legacy. With the knowledge of how most Legacies were created lost to time, his insights are truly invaluable. Unfortunately, he knows it.
  • The Druids are recipients of an inheritance stretching back to the prehistory of Caledonia, one intrinsically tied to the arrival of the first Steel Legionnaires in Britain. They may hold collective knowledge of those lost times when, some annals say, exiles from Atlantis brought wisdom and buried it beneath Scottish soil.
  • If anyone knows where the missing spirit of Britannia is, surely the Druids do.

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