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The Bad Crow
Summary: Rumours fly around the Royal Society that a nasty crow caused a ruckus on Hogmanay. Certain mages have stated they want an investigation and others may just want revenge. The particularly cheeky bird keeps showing up and causing trouble.
Contact: Lohengrin, Sage, Ywain (NPC)

Checking In On Marva
Summary: Dextra needs a few unfamiliar faces to check in on Marva, a Moros of the Invisible College, who is on the outs with some of the Royal Society and turned back all friendlier summons point blank. The next step is Urien's provost stepping in and Dextra's not above trying to be more tactful than that! Dare the newcomers to Edinburgh enjoin themselves into the creepy annals of Supernal politics against someone known to send unwelcome trespassers home covered in ectoplasm and worse?
Contact: Abbigail, Cairn, Lacrosse, Dextra (NPC)

Party Rock
Summary: The club scene in the West End is kicking, but everyone in the scene knows the real party is happening at the Underground, a killer club in scroungy, dodgy Craigmillar (G6). Hot girls, cheap booze, and an absolutely electric DJ make the 4 quid cover charge worth every pence. It's no place for the wallflowers. Lately things have been full on crazy, winkwinknudgenudge, and what happens in the Underground STAYS in the Underground because no one would believe it by the light of day...
Contact: Mariner, Wulfdun, Ywain (NPC)

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