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The Sangrealists


Description of the Sangrealists forthcoming.

  • Name: The Sangrealists
  • Nickname: Grail Knight
  • Primary Arcana: Spirit
  • Parent Path: Obrimos
  • Members: Corbin


1st Attainment: Aetherial Cleansing
Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Spirit 2, Occult 2
Whenever within sensory range of the use of any Numen or Influence by an Abyssal spirit, Acamoth or Gulmoth, the Sangrealist may spend a point of Mana and attempt to counter the power as a reflexive action, requiring a Presence + Intimidation + Spirit roll. The mage's successes are subtracted from those accrued by the Abyssal entity, to a minimum of zero. While manifesting this Attainment, the Sangrealist is wreathed in soft light visible to Mage Sight. This Attainment has no effect when used against Scelesti, other Left-Handed mages or any being other than a spirit of the Abyss.

Optional Attainment: Prime 2
The Sangrealist attune her inner purity to detect spiritual pollution in her immediate vicinity. She often detects Abyssal impurities as dulled stains or a deep sense of wrongness. As an instant action, she can reflexively activate "Abyssal Perception" as the spell (Grimoire of Grimoires, pg. 77). The mage rolls Intelligence + Socialize + Prime to attune herself to the corrosive resonance seeping through the world.

2nd Attainment: Aegis of Alba
Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Spirit 3
The Sangrealists believe that the purity of their actions and the nobility of their thoughts repel the blight of the Abyss. They practice rigorous devotion to proper actions via methods ranging from bans on smoking and drinking to self-purification. Such practices embody a spiritual as well as a practical purpose, making the Sangrealist an ideal vessel to receive the blessing of protection and evil from the spirit of Caledonia itself.

The mage is surrounded in divine power which grants one point of armour per level of Spirit Arcanum. This armour is effective against physical attacks and attacks from ephemeral entities. For one point of mana per use, the Attainment is effective against Numina or other Spirit-based powers. Her Gnosis rating still limits how many mana she may spend in a turn.

Optional Attainment: Prime 3
When a Sangrealist raises a shield to guard the sanctity of Alba from its unhallowed enemies, the spirit of the land does not leave her without a weapon. If the Sangrealist also has Prime 3, she may unleash a burst of cleansing fire. This enhancement is the same as the Prime 3 "Celestial Fire" (MtA, p. 224) spell. She rolls Intelligence + Socialize + Prime as an instant action, and each success inflicts one point of bashing damage. Sangrealists view using this Attainment against an innocent target as an unholy act requiring penitence and lengthy atonement.

3rd Attainment: Light of Heaven
Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Spirit 4

The most feared power of the Sangrealist brings forth the light of the true grail -- that of her Awakened soul -- and brings Abyssal monstrosities from pawns to Acamoth to heel. Her nimbus is immediately uncloaked and she is limned in pure fire, usually white but sometimes golden, blue or even scarlet. The mage can limit the movements of any Abyssal spirit with a divine invocation, as though she were using the "Bind Spirit," (MtA, p. 251) with Presence + Intimidation + Spirit. The extended, contested action is rolled against the spirit's Resistance and has target equal to the spirit's Rank. Each roll lasts for one turn.

A successful ritual binds the spirit into the material world at the site the Attainment was used. The effect lasts for one scene.

Optional Attainment: Prime 4
A Sangrealist Adept of Prime can additionally drain an Abyssal spirit of power once she has successfully bound it. This ability functions like the Prime 4 "Siphon Essence" spell (MtA, p. 229), except it only functions against spirits of the Abyss. She purifies the resonance of the spirit's Essence through her own soul, removing all corrupt or sickly traces.

Furthermore, the Celestial Fire damage of her Second Attainment is treated as lethal rather than bashing. The Sangrealist can choose to directly attack a target's Pattern instead of casting the Attainment as an aimed spell; the target resists, subtracting Stamina from the caster's roll. Using this ability against an innocent party amounts to a cardinal sin among the Grail Knights and may invoke terrible consequences or backlash against the offending Sangrealist.

RP Hooks
  • Sangrealist operate mostly as solitary knights-errant, traveling wherever the corruption and threat from the Abyss are greatest, which is everywhere (strangely enough).
  • It is rumoured the Fourth Attainment of the Legacy invokes a physical manifestation of the Holy Grail itself, capable of purifying crowds or great swathes of land.
  • The Irish "Grail Movement" claims the Sangrealists are protecting the actual cup from the Last Supper or the Crucifixion. Supporters point to ancient manuscripts held by the Invisible College as proof that an actual Artifact, possibly blessed by the blood of Christ, existed as late as 1508 in the care of the Legacy. To drink from the cup may bestow immortality... or Ascension.
  • The Sangrealist Legacy has never been large or greatly popular among the Welsh, due in part to lengthy suppression by English mages and rival claimants throughout history. The Legacy sees greater support nowadays due to the Camelot movement in Anglesey and the Royal Society, but the Grail Knights' heavenly visions and unflagging drive scare off casual support.

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