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Date of Birth: 25/3/1983
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Musician
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride

Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Obrimos
Cabal: None
Legacy: None
Status: Silver Ladder : 1
Origins: Anglesey


His harp was carved and cunning,
As the Celtic craftsman makes,
Graven all over with twisting shapes
Like many headless snakes.

His harp was carved and cunning,
His sword prompt and sharp,
And he was gay when he held the sword,
Sad when he held the harp.

C.K. Chesterson, Ballad Of The White Horse

Whatever is happening here... its going to be epic. Not that stupid Internet sort of 'epic' but actually epic... Mabinogion epic. L'Morte d'Artur epic. And Mai gets himself a place in it, a hand in writing it, a hand in living it just by being here. Glory is not just about the events but also the telling, of framing the story so it inspires and grows with the ages. In a thousand years, nobody will remember who Harry Potter was, but the poetry and grandure of Beowulf remains after all that time.

A new age of Avalon will need it's own epic to define and shape the vision of glory beyond the lifetimes of those who ushered it in. That's what Mai wants. That thing of beauty brought forth from strife and chaos.


Mai is a professional musician and performer known in some circles for modernized and updated versions of midaeval music, or setting poetry to song. Until recently he worked primarily recording music for productions at BBC Wales. He is currently working under a fellowship at a local university.
Wales is famous for its archers, and Mai enjoys the sport, having a knack with a bow.

A solidly built man of perhaps thirty years. He wears his long, dark hair tied behind his head, only a hint of wave gives it some body. Eyes are grey-green, skin shows the hint of color that comes from his Celtic blood. His face is handsome, in a rugged way, and he sports the carefully groomed stubble to match.

Close fit black jeans with a loose cut black silk shirt tucked into them are the primary clothing. That's finished a set of comfortable looking boots on his feet and a brass belt buckle with a Welsh dragon is a mark of patriotism.

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  • "His assistance during a disruption at Hogmanay demonstrated initiative." - Ywain
  • "Why don't you shed sparkles?" - Dextra
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