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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Marchmont

The Meadows separates Marchmont from stuffy New Town and Old Town’s tourist kitsch. The spacious parkland accommodates sports games simultaneously on the broad pitches limned by grand elms, oaks, and willows. Accents from Galway, Sydney, Vancouver, and London merge on the air among the crowds of young people attracted by the greenspace. The University of Edinburgh is an enduring presence, its sprawling campus housed in grand Georgian palaces down to ugly Brutalist buildings surrounded by shops and bars reflecting the eccentricities of student life.

Massive building programs during the Victorian and Edwardian periods opened up affordable housing in Marchmont. Trademark four-storey tenements fall into two visual phases, the pink sandstone hearkening to ornate Scottish baronial style and later blonde sandstone plainer in cut and appearance. Students from Edinburgh and Napier Universities reside in subdivided lets, swelling the population density to unbelievable peaks. Parking is at a distinct premium, especially when crowds converge on theatres, cinemas, and cheap cafes scattered among secondhand shops and peculiar boutiques.


Zone: Southside
Grid: F6
Resources: 3
Security: 3

Businesses: Prestonfield House
Affiliations: None

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