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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Martin Wishart Restaurant

This modestly sized restaurant on Leith's waterfront is a culinary temple, its staff devoted to the pursuit of cutting edge French cuisine. Reverential devotees gather at formal white-clothed tables in a hushed, contemporary setting awash in gold-spiralled walls and framed artwork. Patience is rewarded with unparalleled technical skill and food presentation from a Michelin starred menu. The pleasantly intimate dining room appears larger than it is due to cunningly placed mirrors and wall sconces casting light upwards towards the high ceiling.

Fine Scottish ingredients, like scallops and lamb, are prepared in exciting dishes inspired by Provence and Brittany. Starters feature unexpected pairings of fruit and fish to tantalize the senses with lush flavours and textures. Pastry courses melt under drizzled chocolate and honey on the dessert carts. Sommeliers curate an extensive wine list selected for each dish while servers appear almost from nowhere to see to a guest's every need. Luxury has its privilege, an honoured tradition in this sanctum of fine dining.

Martin Wishart.jpg

Zone: Leith
Grid: G3
Concept: Michelin-starred restaurant
Resources: 4
Security: 3

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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