Mary Kings Close

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Logo.jpg Edinburgh: Mary King's Close

Edinburgh's ghoulish history shrouds the tale of the undercity in mystery and blood-curdling ghost tales of plague victims walled up to die. Wynds falling away from the volcanic ridge running under the Royal Mile were Europe's first urban ghettos, dead ends enclosed on all sides by towering buildings. Enclosure from the 1600s on smothered any view of the sky, and the clearing of the slums condemned the warren of underground streets and spaces to criminals and the starving poor. Access to the preserved labyrinth at Warriston's Close follows a narrow, slick staircase plunging below ground level without assistance of rails. Claustrophobic corridors floored in packed dirt or worn bricks meld into the Renaissance history of the city, navigating through a series of empty chambers once packed to the gills by labourers and burghers.

Numerous ruins opened under the lonely vaults give an impression of the cramped living conditions of the day. Low ceilings fill a tavern emptied of all but a few casks, and water drips off brick walls in a clammy marketplace where footsteps and voices almost seem to echo. Archaic graffiti scratched into the stones and centuries of soot mar the barrel-vaulted archways and tight turns between building cellars. Ghost tours bring their own torches; lone visitors wander off at their own peril, for when the lights go out, paranormal activity stirs from centuries of vexed slumber...


Zone: Old Town
Grid: DT C4
Concept: Undercity Vaults
Resources: 2
Security: 2

Manager: City
Owner: City
Affiliations: None

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